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By ResumeNewYork.com Staff,

In my years as an Executive Recruiter, I was often asked by New York candidates about the value of the resume in the job hunt. I would be the first to tell them, it is the key that opens the door to the interview in 90-95% of all cases. Sure there are a few referrals that get you right into an interview without a resume, but those are rare and depend on who you know.

For most of us it is the resume that is that key. The resume that New York hiring managers like myself are going to spend maybe 10-20 seconds evaluating. That’s right. I am only going to review your resume for 10-20 seconds, yet it is critical to my decision regarding who I will interview. What this means is that your resume better be excellent. It better be head and shoulders above the rest.

Tell me again why you are presenting a resume instead of just filling out an application?
– Your resume is in truth your commercial about yourself. It is a marketing tool and like any commercial or marketing tool your resume is meant to say, “Purchase this product and you will get the benefits this person has to offer”.
– Your resume will tell the employer that you meet the basic requirements for the job. You have the degree required and the number of years of experience. It gives the employer contact information for you.
– It will show the employer how well you write and how well you can present yourself.
You have 10-20 seconds to make an outstanding impression. One that is good enough to get you an interview. How good is your resume? As an Executive Recruiter I never allowed a candidate to send their resume to an employer. We re-wrote every resume with an eye toward the job we were presenting the candidate for. We did this because we were professionals and we wrote resumes every day of the week and we knew how to get a resume noticed.
We knew how to present you in such a way that the employer has just a taste of what your work might be like, and is left wanting more. It causes the employer to do more than just put you in an interview pile. It causes them to call you right now and set up an in-face interview.

Given this what goes into that excellent resume?

• Presentation- your resume needs to be well organized and easy to read. Use a font that is easy on the eyes.
• First Impression – are you neat, conscientious, hardworking and committed? Does your resume say this at a glance? Is it neat or is it sloppy? Is it well organized or is it hard to follow at a glance? Is there attention to detail or do sentences ramble on?
• Relationship of your skills and experience to the job you are applying for.
Your well written, well presented resume tells the story of who you are, what skills you have mastered, what knowledge you have, how much you understand you industry, how you handle people and how you respond in a crisis. All that in a one-two page document? Yes you should be able to see all of that at a glance to the hiring manager can make a decision to interview you.
Think like a hiring manager. Think about how busy your hiring manager might be. Think about the hundred resumes on her desk. Now think about what information is most crucial that you share with her and make sure that information is at the forefront of your resume.
An excellent resume is your credibility, your integrity on a piece of paper. You can enhance this with an online web portfolio that gives more well-written, concise detail on your accomplishments, your mission in your career, your values, your ambition and leadership ability. A website is almost expected these days if you want to get the interview. It sets you apart.
Include the URL for your webpage but do not include your Twitter or your Face Book page. Remember you are making an impression. Remember the value of your resume to the recruiter or the hiring manager. You are potentially worth thousands of dollars to them or you are worth nothing to them. Make you resume sing for those 20 seconds they are going to be looking at it.