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Working with Professional Recruiters

So far we have concentrated our efforts on how to write a resume that would capture the attention of the hiring manager and get you an interview.  We looked at how to write your resume, what to put in it and what to leave out. We have looked at how resumes are downloaded in applicant tracking system and what your format should be. Now let’s look at the role of professional recruiter in this overall system and why it might be good for you to work with one.

What is a Professional Recruiter?

A professional recruiter is someone who works for the company, finds candidates for their clients open positions, helps to facilitate interviews, job offers and candidate and family relocations. The fees for this recruiter’s work are not paid by you the candidate but rather by the company doing the hiring. There is no need to pay a fee when there are so many companies using recruiters these days.

What can a Professional Recruiter do for you?

The professional recruiter can potentially help you find a new job. However the recruiter does not work for you. The recruiter works for the company that has the job opening and it is important for you to keep that in mind when working with them. Do not expect the recruiter to be at your beck and call. They do not work for you.

However, even though they do not work for you they can help you get the job that is the best match for your skills, goals and interests. At the same time their top priority is to find the best possible candidates for the job opening their clients have. The recruiter will have you in mind but he will be looking to fill the needs of his client – the company. If you fit those needs, the recruiter is going to be the first one to call you and get you an interview.

Yes the recruiter can get you an interview. That is one of the most important things they can do for you. They are aware of job opportunities among their clients that are never advertised. These positions are filled in-house, by an in-house recruiter, through networking and professional recruiters.

The professional recruiter also has an extensive network of industry and company executives and human resource personnel. They understand the industries they work in and the market they work within. They have to know what is going on in the industry – what the trends are, what the salary levels are, who is downsizing and who is upsizing.

Professional recruiters are there to help you as you grow through your career. You might change jobs several times but if you are lucky you will never change your recruiter. The better they know you, the more they can do for you.

The Process of Working with a Recruiter

There is a very specific process that a professional recruiter follows when working any job order or marketing any client. If they like your skills, your personality and career track, they might choose to market you. This means they will call their clients that don’t have openings that they know about and see if you are someone they would like to talk to.

Next they will take a look at the resume you have prepared but the really good recruiters will insist on re-writing it themselves. They will write it to match your skills to the needs of the specific job they want you to interview for. They also know the latest trends in resumes and will not make any or the mistakes that candidates sometimes make on their own.

In addition they will help you to prepare for that interview. They will tell you what they know about the client and what the client is looking for. They will counsel you on how to make yourself more appealing to the client than the others they are interviewing. They will tell you what not to say more than what to say.

Once the interview is over, if the employer wants to hire you, the recruiter will negotiate the offer for you. Most recruiters earn a percentage of your starting salary so it is in their best interest to get you the best possible offer. Finally if you have to relocate for the job, the recruiter might try to find a job for your spouse if needed, schools for your children and put you in touch with the best realtors in your new area.


I hope this article has given you an overview of what it is like to work with a professional recruiter and how they can and can’t help you find a new job. Remember they will help you, but they do not work for you. They work for the employer and their knowledge of the markets and industries that are hot, will work to your advantage.