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As you begin your quest for a new and better step on your career ladder, have you considered the importance and strength of your resume? Unless you are applying only within your current employer, you will need a resume that stands out among the pack. Even if you are applying within your current employer, if the department you are applying to does not know you or your HR Department requires it, you might need a resume here as well.

So you drag out your old resume from six years ago and polish it up and send it off, right?  WRONG. This would be exactly the wrong thing to do. As a hiring manager for over 25 years, I know that a six year old resume is just going to sit at the bottom of the stack on my desk, while I interview those candidates that provided me with modern resumes.

Much has changed in the resume business in six years. So much that the format, the content and the appearance have all had an upgrade. If you give me a resume that looks like resumes looked six years ago, I am going to think you don’t really want the job. I am going to think it either it does not mean that much to you or you are a lazy worker or not smart enough to know what is going on in 2014, instead of 2008.

So it is clear that you need a new resume. You cannot just recycle the old one. The next question is can you write the new one yourself or do you need a professional resume writer?

Why Hire a Professional Resume Writer

Why should you hire a professional resume writer? If your resume does not jump out of the stack of over 100 on my desk, you won’t get an interview. Are you confident you can produce a resume as good as the one a professional will produce?

  • Professional resume writers usually have Human Resources experience or managerial experience and most are experienced writers. They are experienced in looking objectively at your current resume and your experiences and bringing it up to current standards.
  • Professional resume writers are trained and experienced in identifying your skills, strengths and accomplishments and incorporating them into your resume in the best way to make them obvious to the hiring manager.
  • If you have any gaps in your resume or any periods of multiple jobs, the professional resume writer can organize these so that your best skills are presented upfront. They will make sure that the resume presents your talent and experience in a way that matches the job you are applying for are.
  • Your six year old resume that you polished up will never be internet ready. Today’s resume is not mailed or hand delivered. It is emailed, attached to an online application or posted online. If you are searching for a new job that matches your experience, then you will need keywords in your resume that line up with what you want to do. Then when a hiring manager searches for candidates, the right key words will help them find you.
  • The professional resume writer will layout and design your resume in a way that makes it catch the hiring manager’s eye without being frivolous.

How to Hire a Professional Resume Writer

  • Know what you are looking for and what it is you want from the writer. Be able to answer their questions, which mean you have put some thought into this process. What is your ideal job? What is it about a job that attracts you? What are your strengths and weaknesses as it applies to the job you want? The more information you can give the writer, the better.


  • What is their experience and background? If you are dealing with a company with multiple agents find out who is writing your resume specifically. What is their experience and how long have they been writing resumes? What is their background and education?


  • What is included in their service? Do you get multiple formats of your resume? Do you get a cover letter? References and thank you letters? Do you get a package or one resume? Know what you are paying for before you agree to pay for anything.


  • What is their success rate? How many of the resumes they write result in interviews? That is the only measure of success you can look at. The resume cannot get you the job. The resume can only get you an interview. So ask them how many resumes it takes to get one interview.


  • What is the cost? Is it a package deal with cover letters or other documents? Or is all ala carte? You just pay per piece?


So it really makes sense at times to hire a professional resume writer. The more you want the new job, the more complicated your work history, or the more important it is to present your information in a certain manner, the more you need a professional resume writer.



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