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By Joni Wamer (Guest Writer)

I’ve spent well over twenty five years in management and hiring in that time I must have reviewed hundreds of resumes. Over the years the styles and formats of resumes have changed but what is important in respect to the content has not changed. I have passed over many candidates who may have been qualified and might have done a terrific job, because their resumes were not acceptable.

If you want to get the interview with New York city employers, you need to get the hiring manager to notice you through your resume. If you fill it up with a lot of empty words and catchy phrases, you can bet you will not be interviewing with me. So what is it you should not put in your resume? What should not be missing?

Leave these Out of your Resume
• Long Paragraphs – don’t format your resume like you would a cover letter. Resumes should have short, bulleted points that attract the eye and get the attention of the reviewer. The resume is not the place to tell your life story.
• Information that is too personal should never be in a resume. Don’t tell me who you are dating or even married to. There are laws about that and I’d rather not even know. It has nothing to do with your ability to do the job. Remember what I care about at this stage is the job not you.
• Do not put an Objective at the start of your resume. I know everyone has been taught to do so, but it puts limitations on what I think you can or want to do. Just leave it open.
• Your resume does not need a picture of you. This makes it look unprofessional and cutesy. Just don’t do it.
• Don’t use generic resumes. Tailor your resume to match the job you are applying for. This will capture the attention of the hiring manager and just might get you the interview. If they see hundreds of resumes, yours needs to look different from the rest.
• Don’t put references in the resume. Wait for me to ask for them.
• Don’t use a quirky, unprofessional email address. If your main email address is zombie2@aol, develop a new one that is Keep it professional at all times.
• Don’t clutter your resume with links to other sites with the exception of you web portfolio.
• Make sure you do not have any spelling and grammatical errors. Check and double check this. Don’t rely only on your device’s spell check. Check it again yourself.
• Never, ever, ever lie. Don’t say you have a Master’s Degree if you don’t. I will find out.
What Was Missing from Your Resume
• Quantitative data – I really don’t want to know what you were responsible for in your current and past employments. I want to know what you accomplished. What were your successful at? How did you either make or save your company money?
• If nothing in your resume relates to my job opening I will discard it. Tell me what your skill set is and tell me what your skill set has to do with my job.
• A link to your web page with your exceptional portfolio. Now make sure you have an exceptional portfolio.
So the next time you think you are a perfect fit for a job in New York and you don’t even get an interview, you might want to take a look at your resume. It may be your resume that is holding you back.

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