Job Search Process


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(By – Staff Writer)

It can break even the strongest of people. All those hours of researching jobs, finding the keywords that employers are looking for, writing your resume, re-writing your resume, then filling out application after application, writing cover letters and waiting for interviews.

The job search process could be described as cruel and unusual punishment. Especially in today’s economy it could be that only the strong survive. When the search goes on for six months, then twelve, then eighteen the stress and anxiety level rises while at the same time depression and a sense of hopelessness can sink in. It is particularly bad if you have a family to support or people depending upon what you earn in order to have a good quality of life.

So how does one survive this grueling job search process? Having been on both sides of the interview desk, there are some tips for making it through the process and remain sane.

Tips for Survival         

  • Play the game: I know it seems cruel to call it a game with all the work and stress you have gone through, but it is a game. It is a numbers game and it can only be won with patience and perseverance.  Most of us start to blame ourselves when we having been looking for a long time without success. This is what leads to the depression we often feel. Remember if you don’t have a job yet it is not your “fault” – you just need to learn to play the game better.


  • Cultivate Empathy: Having been on both sides of the desk I can tell you that recruiters and hiring managers are buried in resumes. Cultivate empathy for the recruiter rather than a frustration at how long it is taking them to contact you. Once you can put yourself in their place and understand their restrictions in completing the job search quickly, you will be much less frustrated. The hiring manager wants to fill their job just as much as you want to find a job.


  • Don’t take too many turns at follow-up. One of the things that makes it so hard to survive the job process is the unknown – the not knowing. This leads to the temptation to contact the recruiter over and over before an interview and after. The need for information is great and it leads not only to frustration on your part, but it could lead to losing out on the job on the recruiters end. Contact the recruiter or hiring manager no more than twice. If you still get no answers move on to the next opportunity. Don’t drive yourself crazy with non-responsive companies.


  • Don’t burn any bridges. This pertains directly to the previous tip. Even as you move on don’t burn any bridges with that company. They may just come back to you with a job offer several months from now.


  • Be positive and optimistic. Don’t be your own worst enemy. Stay positive and believe that the right job for you will come along. Be optimistic. Nothing is harder for humans than uncertainty and that is what you are dealing with throughout the entire job hunt. Your emotions run from excitement and hope at the beginning to frustration and despair after several months. Get comfortable with the unknown. You can only control how you respond. You don’t even control how you feel, just how you respond to how you feel. Stay positive in your responses. Keep moving on and keep working on the job search process.


Since the job hunt is a numbers game, you want to present the highest quality resumes and cover letters so that you get noticed. You also want to put out a lot of them; however you also want to personalize each and every one. In this way you are playing the numbers but you are also setting yourself apart so that your resume will get noticed and you will get the interview.