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We’ve talked many times about the difficulty of finding not just a good job, but any job in New York City. The key to having success in your job hunt is to have an effective plan. Yes you have to have a good resume that stands out and a good cover letter that says why you should be hired. It takes more than that these days.

Steps to an Effective Job Hunt

1. Have a plan and a goal. Well the point of this article is to have a plan and what should actually be in that plan that would lend itself to an effective job search. Then you need to set a goal. A goal will motivate you when times get rough and in this economy they will get rough.

Your goal could be to find a job in a certain town or location or to find a certain type of job regardless of the field of work. For instance your goal is to be a manager and it could be in any of the different fields you have worked in.

2. Here is where your resume and cover letter come in. Make sure they are in good shape as you know by now that hiring managers and recruiters can review hundreds of resumes each day.

3. Have a personal website and make sure you have a professional presence on the web. On your own website only have serious information – nothing like what people put on Facebook. Make a personal profile that includes your resume material but also includes any potentially relevant hobbies, volunteer work or leadership positions outside of work. Be sure not to have anything on there that could be considered negative by an employer.

4. Do NOT have an anything unprofessional on Facebook or any other site that can be used to screen you out. Use site such as Linked in to back up your profile page and get as many legitimate positive sites as you can.

5. Make your job search your job. Many of you have heard this before but few actually do it. When I say this I mean put in 37-40 hours per week looking for a job. Document your time and what you do with it. You can spend an hour or two searching job banks online and that would be legitimate. However if you spend 40 hours a week online, then you are missing out on other components of a search such as networking.

6. Network – the Chamber of Commerce After Hours is a good place to start. Make sure you talk to as many job creators and hiring managers as you can. Have business cards ready to give them.

7. Job Search Business Cards: this may sound like a strange idea but it will set you apart from all the others who are networking. Make up a business card with contact info on the front and career info on the back. Make sure your phone number and email are on there. On the back list your last couple employers, jobs and then list your skills. Give these to the folks you network with.

If you do these things and keep focuses your job search should be productive and successful.