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(By – Staff Writer)

We have discussed a lot of different ways to go about the hunt for a new job in New York. We have spent a considerable amount of time on the resume and cover letter as well as the process of the job hunt. One major factor that we have not spent very much time on is the impact both positive and negative of social media on the job search.

There are several social media sites that we will look at in respect to its impact on your search. These sites will include Facebook, Linked-In, Twitter, Blogs and Job Boards. There are plenty of articles on how to write a resume, how to interview, where to get job applications, and how to follow up. We will focus here on just the social sites and their impact on the process.

Facebook: is the most dangerous social media site to your career and we all know why. Anything just a little crazy that you post here can be found by the companies you want to work for and your career can be ruined. Also be careful of any pictures you post here. Remember what you post online lives forever whether you delete it or not.

On the other side of the coin you can find the FB pages of the companies you are interested in and private message them or leave comments on the page. Just be careful and that is the word of the day – every day – when it comes to Facebook.

Linked – In: is the best site for posting your resume, daily comments about things in your industry using keywords and linking with the right people in the companies you most want to work for.

Twitter:  How do you use Twitter in your job search? It certainly helps if your career field is IT as 24% of all IT jobs are listed on Twitter. So how do IT employers find you and you them?

First of all you should start by following the companies you would like to work for or any and all IT companies you come across. Next make sure you use every available space on your profile and give a short and concise review of your career. Use the keywords and jargon of the industry so that you can be found. Now make sure you link it to that profile page I am always telling you that you need.

Next you can tweet about articles in the field and specifically if there are companies you want to interview with. Send PMs to managers or HR people in those companies. Follow them and ask them to follow you.

Now remember if you use Twitter this way, then you cannot use it as a social conversation with your friends about guys or gals, sports or anything else that might get a little off color. Remember you have to be as professional as possible.

Job Boards: It is easy to understand what you need to do with job boards and we have discussed this in depth in other articles. Just look for keywords for the jobs you are interested in and make sure those words are in your resume. Then apply for the jobs you want. The same is true with sites that offer you Applications from all types of companies.

Blogs: Find the ones for your industry or the field you want to work in and either respond to the posted blogs subtlety letting your credentials be known, or write a blog if the site allows you to.

You can see that there are many ways to use the social media in your job hunt. Make sure you start with your own profile page and link it to all of the others.