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Social Media and Your Job Search                              

This is partly because things had not changed in the job search process and in the resume itself for so very long. One of the major factors in speeding up change in the job search process is technology in general and social media in particular.

How has social media changed the job search and how can you use it effectively in your job search? For one thing, a lot of professional career counselors are calling social media ‘the new resume’. So how can a social media site replace your resume? It does not seem reasonable that a web site can replace your detailed resume. After all is your career history on the web? Are your interests and hobbies on the web? Is your educational background on a social media site? You bet it is.

You can bet that the answer to each of these questions is yes. All the information that is normally in a resume is also found online and believe it or not, you probably put it there. If you have a Linked-In account then you have a profile and resume listed. Any time you create an online profile, you are sharing aspects of yourself that your would share on a resume.

From the Company Side

Recent research shows that instead of slugging through a pile of hundreds of resume, hiring managers these days turn to social media instead. Do this exercise: Google yourself and then look at every social media site that comes up for you – FaceBook, Linked in. Twitter, and Pintrist might be a few. Each of these sites has a profile for you. Go look at each profile and try to see it as a hiring manager might.

Hiring managers trust social media more than they trust your resume! In their eyes the social media profile will be more accurate and more honest than a resume. It is your job to make sure this information is up to date and accurate as hiring managers are coming to believe that the information in social media profile is more accurate than a resume about your expertise and experience. She can get a better picture of who you really are.

At this point in time social media does not replace the resume but rather complements it, However, in the future it will probably be only social media that the hiring manager looks at when searching for candidates for his job. So make sure all your online profiles are up to date, that all your privacy settings are such that they would allow hiring managers access and make sure your expertise and talents are outlined clearly. You should check these once a month whether job hunting or not.

From the Candidate Side

On the flip side of this the research is showing that people who use social media to find a job are having great success as they get jobs quicker that those who don’t use it and the jobs they get are better ones. First of all they let others know that they are looking and available for a new position. Also tell all your friends what kind of job you are looking for.

We all think of Linked-In as business and career oriented and often forget about FaceBook .  Don’t do it. Don’t forget FaceBook. Your friends might know of a job opening quickly than your links on Linked-in. Now you have an advantage you did not always have. You can search for information about the hiring manager on Linked In. Use this information in your cover letter to her.


The lesson here is that the future of the job search from both the company and candidate side lies with the web and social media. This means you need to keep your profiles up to date especially on Linked-In, FaceBook and Twitter. Today you still need a resume in addition to your profile, but in the future the resume just might be a thing of the past.