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You never did get that college degree. Try as you might, life always seemed to get in the way and it was never the top priority. Now however you are facing a dilemma of needing a really good job with good pay and benefits. Do you have to go to school now? What if that is still impossible? Are there any really good jobs in New York City that you can get without a degree?

The truth is there are many good jobs ihat you can get without a college degree. In fact this area of the job market is actually growing. “According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), eight of the 10 fastest-growing occupations through 2014 don’t require a bachelor’s degree.”

The Best Jobs without a Degree

The following information comes from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) and you can find different articles with slightly different rankings depending upon the source and the year(s) the source is looking at. This information is the judgment of the BLS through 2014.

If we consider a “good” job to be a salary in the $50,000 range with benefits, then these are the top 15 jobs you can get without a college degree. Now you may need on the job training or even a two year degree, but you do not have to put out the $50,000-$100,000 it now costs to acquire a four year degree.

15. Real Estate Broker: Approximately $58,700 and most are independent contractors working for themselves. Of course real estate agents must go through extensive training – most taking formal classes – and then take a state sponsored licensing exam.

14. First line supervisors/Fire fighters Manager/Prevention Manager: Approximately $58,900 and you can come up through the ranks for these jobs. Since the entry level job does not require a degree, you can be promoted into these positions without a degree. However more and more people in these jobs do have degrees.

13. Nuclear Technician: $59,200 – there is a lot of on the job training for this position.

12. First Line Non-retail supervisors/Managers: $59,300 and again this is a position where promotions from entry level typically fill the job and no external training is needed.

11. Computer Specialist: $59,480 – You would think this type of job in today’s business community would require a degree regardless of the success of Bill Gates. However this is an entry level position with a certificate that you can get a trade school and on the job training.

10. Operator, Nuclear Power Reactor: $64,000 – Again you have a high paying on the job training position as well as some classes at a trade school.

9. First line supervisor/manager police: $64,430 – The job of a patrolman is the entry level into the police force. Some incoming cadets might have a degree and some might not have. Since this is usually an internal promotion from the levels of police already on the force, it can and often is a person without a college degree.

8. Gaming manager: $64,880 – this is a fairly new profession in our society and one that is growing rapidly along with the gaming industry. Most table workers and supervisors began at the casinos without college degrees and are promoted from within to the manager position.

7. Computer Technical Support Specialist: $67, 689 – once again this type of job usually requires a certificate of training but not a four year degree. At some companies it might require a two year degree.

6. Storage and Distribution Manager: $69, 898 – almost all personnel in storage management do not have degrees and distribution managers might or might not be degreed. They might have a certificate in materials management.

5. Transportation Manager: $72,662 – again this person usually comes up through the ranks and might have a certificate.

4. Industrial Production Manager: $73,000 – These are more traditionally called plant managers and are usually non-degreed persons who came up through the ranks and then move from company to company with lateral moves.

3. Operations Manager: $77,839 – is a position very similar to the production manager except instead of manager the plant floor and packing or manufacturing, the Operations Manager usually oversees all the business of the plant. These people come up through the ranks as well.

2. Funeral Directors: $79,517 – independent owners of their own funeral homes. Go through extensive on the job training as they learn all aspects of the business.

1. Air Traffic Controllers: $102,000 – it is a surprise to many that the job of air traffic controller is an on the job training position and that it pays so well in being non-degreed. However, it is the importance and stress levels of the job that earns its salary.

So you can see that there are many good paying jobs that do not require a degree. Some of them require certificates from trade schools or years of on the job training.