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Now that you have the best resume in the world and you have studied the companies you are interested in working for and practiced your interview skills, where are you going to apply?

First of all, if you have a specific company in mind you will have to go where they are. For instance, if you want to design cars for Ford, you will have to live around Detroit. However if you are an accountant or a human resources professional, you can go anywhere, but there are cities you will want to avoid.

Even as we come out of the recession there are cities and states that remain mired in high unemployment and struggling local economies. Those are probably areas you would want to avoid. There are also areas where an engineer would do great – like in Detroit – but a HR specialist would probably struggle to find a job.

So where shouldn’t you look in general? What cities have the worst high unemployment? Let’s take a look. The data we will look at is from the end of 2013 and the beginning of 2014. There are some differences depending upon what data you look at. Our first set of numbers comes from the Bureau of Labor Statistics from July of 2013.

If you are looking at cities over 1 million populations then the Detroit Metropolitan Area is the worst place to look for a job with a 10.3 unemployment rate juxtaposed with a 7.6 national rate. This data is from the Bureau of Labor Statistics December 2013. In that same report, if you look at cities under 1 million in populations here are the ten worst cities to look for employment.

All of the top ten cities with the highest unemployment rates are smaller metropolitan areas. At the top of the list is Yuma, Arizona with 93,000 population and an unemployment rate of 31.8% as of December, 2013. Here are the remaining top ten cities and their unemployment rates. These are not cities where you would want to start your search for new employment.

1. Yuma,  Arizona                                                                         31.8%

This is not only the highest unemployment rate in the country; it is also a true outlier as it is so much higher than the rest of the country.

2. En Centro, California                                                  23.6%

3. Yuba City, California                                                   14.2%

4. Merced, California                                                        14.1%

5. Rocky Mount, North Carolina                                                13.3%

6. Vineland-Millville-Bridgeton, New Jersey                13.1%

7. Visalia-Porterville, California                                     12.8%

8. Hanford-Corcoran, California                                                12,8%

9. Modesto, California                                                      12.7%

10. Atlantic City-Hammonton, New Jersey                     12..6%

It is interesting to note that of the top ten worst unemployment rate cities, 7 are in the state of California. If we were to continue with the data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics we would see that numbers 12 and 13 are Fresno and Stockton, California respectively. It would then appear that many of the smaller communities in California are struggling.

At the same time the rate for the entire state of California is 7.9% which is not far at all from the national average. The lesson to be learned there is not to attempt to judge the state by a handful of cities or towns.

So avoid the cities above when doing your job search. If you would like more information regarding the nation’s unemployment rates visit The Bureau of Labor Statistics.