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(By ResumeNewYork.com – Staff Writer)

Hello again. If you recall we are exploring the best possible resume for 5 different people. We are also looking at the process for decision making in respect to writing their new resume. Today we will look at the second candidate in our series.

Candidate: John Doe is a Human Resources Manager/Director from New York City with 24 years’ experience. Due to health issues he has not worked for 28 months. He was injured on his last job and had spinal surgery. His company let him go on short term and long term disability insurance. He is well now and is beginning a job search. This 28 month gap is the second long gap in his work history. He is 56 years old and would like to work another 15 years at least.

Questions to Ask about Resume Format

  • What type of resume format is going to be the best for this person?

With two major gaps in his resume, it would seem that the functional resume would serve him best. This is also true because he spent the 24 years working for 3 companies in New York. Outside of the gaps he has a very solid work history. Because of this you could do a chronological and explain the gaps.  However I think the Functional Resume is the best way to highlight his skills and accomplishments.


  • What is the critical information that must get into his resume?

The fact that he has had only 3 employers in 24 years is significant and should be stressed not just mentioned. The fact that he was injured at work is not good so it might be necessary to explain what happened.


  • Should any hobbies or outside activities be listed in his resume? While on disability he took a masters level class and taught an online class.


  • What are the types of accomplishments a prospective employer might want to see? What programs has he instituted? Has his organization saved any company money? Has he streamlined or reduced staff? Cut costs?


  • How has he used his recovery time in the past 2 years? Already answered in outside activities.


Given this information this is how her resume might look.

John Doe

Email address

Website Address

I have a 24 year successful career in Human Resources Development and am seeking to help a small start-up type company to develop and organize their human resource personal.

Looking for a company where my expertise can make a difference to their success and their bottom line.


  • HR strategist with ability to develop long and short term Global HR strategies in line with the Business Plan/Strategy.
  • Ability to conduct change management and develop and execute succession strategies.
  • Manages and grows Stakeholder Relationships
  • Assures HR organization supports each Business Unit in meeting the overall Business goals.
  • Leads Cultural and Organizational Change Strategy and Initiatives.
  • Promotes Best Practices in Recruitment, Performance Management, and Employee Relations.
  • Skilled Negotiator, Driven to deliver, personally credible – integrity and discretion


  • Helped to improve the bottom line by 32% by assuring that all departments ran smoothly and everyone in the company worked in an environment conducive to success.
  • Retention rate of 89% for a period of 3 years during major organizational change.
  • Cut recruitment, hiring and training costs by 35% and saved in excess of 1 million dollars through automation of recruiting process and emphasis on retention.


Masters in Human Resources Management and Organizational Management 1982

Stanford University, Palo Alto California

Bachelor of Arts Human Resource Management 1980

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan


24 years’ experience at three companies.

1999 – 2012 MFG Company

1985 – 1995 KRF Company

1983-1985 TIR Company

2012 – current : Disability leave back injury – had spinal surgery cleared to work

1995-1999: Contract Dengy Fever during business trip to Haiti. On LTD for 4 years


Served as Chair of the National Human Resources Directors Association

Served on Board of Directors Local Professional Symphony Orchestra


That completes the second in our series. Next we will look at a new college graduates resume.