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The Resume Series: Recent College Graduate Still Searching after 18 Months

Welcome back to the resume series where we are looking at 5 different people and the kind of resume they might need to get the best possible job. At the same time we are reviewing the resume writing process for this individual. Today we have candidate number three.

Candidate: This candidate graduated from New York University with a 4.0 in Organizational Development and an internship in Human Resources. She has been looking for a job for 18 months.

Questions to Ask about Resume Format

•           What resume best suits this candidate? Given her best trait is her education and her volunteer experience should it be chronological? Most new graduates will use a chronological resume even though they do not have a lot history to share. It is a format they are familiar with and that HR personal and hiring managers expect from them.

•           What is the critical information for this candidate’s resume? The emphasis will be on educational experience, volunteer and internship experience. What skills does she have at this point?

•           What type of accomplishments should be listed? At this point there are not going to be a lot of accomplishments but look at her GPA – look at any awards, scholarships, grants etc. that she has earned over her time at Stanford.

•           Let’s take a look at any hobbies or outside activities she has done that might influence a hiring manager.

Obviously if she has been looking for 18 months with the kind of academic credentials she has, either her resume does not present her well, or she does not present herself well in the interview process.

Given this information this is how her resume might look.

Mary Jane Dole

Email Address

Phone number

Web address



2012   New York University

New York, NY

Bachelor of Arts, Organizational Development   Summa Cum Laude GPA 4.0

Internship: Human Resources Department


Experience:  Google Internship Program 2010 – 2012, New York City, NY

18 month Human Resources Internship covering all departments and all aspects of Human Resources including: Recruiting, Hiring, Training, Termination, Layoff, Personnel Issues, Performance Management, Organizational Structure and Strategic Planning, Succession Planning.

MSD Company Summer 2008-2009, New York City, NY

Administrative Assistant in Personnel responsible for word processing all meeting notes, all job descriptions, performance improvement plans. Sat in on employment hearings and dissemination of information to the employee. Assisted in recruiting and job fairs.

Skills: MS Office – Word, Power Point, Excel

Social Media – Twitter, Facebook, Linked in, Pintrest

Online HR Blogs – have written articles for several sites on various HR topics (would then provide some links to articles)

Developed entry level job descriptions during internship at Google

Assisted in development of Employee Performance Improvement Plans during summer position at MSD Company

Other: President of the University of New York Human Resources Student Association 2011-12

President Sigma Sigma  Sigma (not a real sorority – add own) 2010-2012

Valedictorian Class of 2012

Member Association of Young Business Professionals 2012

That completes candidate number three in our resume series. Our next article will highlight the very interesting case of the management candidate who has spent 20 years working for non-profit organizations looking for a better paying opportunity in the business world.