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The Resume Series: Management Professional with 20 Years’ Experience with Non-Profits Looking for an Opportunity with For Profit Business World

Welcome back to our resume series exploring the best resume for each candidate to use in theirs specific situation. We have tried to select candidates with something a little out of the ordinary so we could look at a variety of resumes and situations.


Today we will look at a management professional with 20 years of experience. The issue she has is that she has worked all those years in the non-profit world. Now at age 47 she wants to move into management in the business world. In addition to wanting to better her income and her retirement, she also wants the challenges of transferring hers skills to the for profit world.

Questions to Ask about Resume Format:

  • Which of the resumes is best suited for this candidate? Since she is looking to transfer her skills from one area to another the first choice might be a functional resume. However with a solid 20 years of experience, the combination resume is most likely the best choice.
  • What information is critical to go on her resume? The skills that she has that she feels will transfer and how will it transfer? Can it be presented in such a way that it simply appears to be a movement from one industry to another? She has raised large sums of money for her agency. She has recruited, hired, trained and fired staff. She has project management experience, has developed and managed budgets. She has developed programs.
  • What type of accomplishments matter most in the business world? How can these be presented in a way that impresses business people not nonprofit people?
  • Any outside activities that should be listed? President of Fundraisers, Board Member of Training Association.
  • Any special training that should be listed? Taking classes toward an MBA

Given this information this is how her resume might look.

Ginny Doe

Email address

Phone number

Website address

Searching for a management opportunity in for profit environment

Skills: (Because you are changing fields, it is good to explain how the skills will apply)

IT: Social Media: Linked-in, Pintrest, Facebook, Twitter, MS Office – Excel, PowerPoint and Word, Online Blogs in Fundraising, Public Relations, Board Development

Marketing and Sales: Building relationships, presentation, identifying prospects, pitching the cause and asking for the donation.

Consultation: Research, analytics, client management and project management. Stakeholder management.

Writing/Research: Grant writing, report writing such as FY Report, project overviews,

Communication Skills: Oral and written; ability to listen well. Ability to point across.

Finances: Revenue generation, Budget development and accommodation.

Entrepreneurial type experience with XDF Agency, Inc. self-managed, self-starter, collaborative and resourceful

Cross departmental project management to meet organizational goals.

Strategic Planning and Team Building and Organizational Development


Raised $3.5 million dollars as head of XDF Agency, Inc. through hand holding of high level donors, presentations to groups and basic fundraising

Cut overhead by 35% or$300,000 through a planned all department programs.

Authored grant proposal that garnered $400,000 for XDF client transportation need

Education: Classwork toward MBA

New York University

Expected graduation 6/14


University of Illinois


1994-Present XDF Executive Director


President of Fundraisers Association 2010 – present

Board Member of Training Association 2004-2010


This concludes our 4th example of out of the norm resumes. The next one will be our last one and our candidate will be the Call Center Manager.