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The Job Hunt: Relocation

This offering in our series about the New York job hunt will deal with the concept of relocating for the job you really want. In the previous article in this series we covered the process of self-evaluation and planning your search. We discussed your skills and your dream job, why you want to make the change and is the timing right?

We asked if you would be willing or able to relocate for that dream job. Not everyone will need to do so but for those who will have to at least consider it; here is a relocation assessment guide.

Questions to ask Yourself

Let’s begin with the things that are within your control and that you need to ask yourself before deciding that you will move. Here are some of, but certainly not all of, the things you will want to consider.

Are you single, married or partnered? Do you have to think about somebody besides yourself when making this decision? If you do there are even more questions to consider than if you were concerned only with yourself.

If you are young and single, no significant other, you might think it is easy to relocate. From the point of view of relationships you are free to move but there are still a lot of questions you need  to consider.

Things Everyone Should Consider

These are issues that everyone should consider before deciding to relocate:

  • What is the cost of living where you are considering moving to?
  • What is the quality of life? The weather? Activities that you enjoy?
  • What is the financial situation of the company you would relocate for? You might have researched this for your search in general, as we will see in another article, but you certainly don’t want to relocate for the job and have the job go away shortly after your move.
  • What is the real estate market like? Do you want to rent or buy? Do you want a condo or a house?
  • Will the company pay for your relocation expenses or even part of them? Is there a temporary housing allowance?
  • Will you have to commute? Will your commute be longer than it is now?


Additional Things to Consider if You Have a Family

  • What are the schools like? How old are your children and what impact will this move have on them?
  • If your spouse is working what is the market like for their profession? Will the company help with finding your spouse a job?
  • Are you taking your children away from their grandparents and cousins as well as their friends?
  • How will or will the move affect your families health benefits?
  • Check with HR at the new job to see if there is anything you need to know about the community. Do you have to have parking permits? Do you have to have your car inspected here? What about your dog? Are there any special regulations for him? Leash laws, additional vaccinations?
  • Would you pack and move yourself or would you use a moving company. How much does paying for a moving company cost? Will they pack or do you pack for yourself?


All of these things and perhaps more need to be considered before you say yes to that relocation. It might be the best thing you ever did for yourself, but you need to do your homework to be sure.