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The Job Hunt Series: Step by Step to Success

As a follow-up to our Resume Series, over the next week or so we will discuss the job hunting process from beginning to end, from the thought process of changing jobs or needing a job to the handshake when the job is offered. Each day we will take a specific piece of this process and look at it in detail. Today’s article will be the overview for this series.

You might want to refer back to this article as we progress through each step in order to keep the overall picture in mind. What are the steps of a job hunt? What should you do first? Do you have to do things chronologically or can you multi-task this process?

We will focus primarily on the job hunt using the internet as opposed to mailing resumes and networking etc. Whether you are a 25 year professional in your field or a new MBA grad looking to score your dream career job in New York City, this series will help you to recognize and understand in detail, each step along the way.

Steps of the Job Hunting Process

  1. What kind of job do I want and Planning the Process
  2. Building your online Persona
  3. Development of the Resume

Paper Resume


  1. I have my resume.  What do I do now?  What other tools are needed?
  2. How to Conduct a Winning Interview
  3. What to do When the Search Bogs Down?
  4. How to Follow-up an Interview
  5. Relocating for a NewJob: Not everyone will do this but there are things to know if you do.
  6. How to negotiate an Offer
  7. 10.  Never Give up

SUCCESS! If you follow these steps you will have a much better chance of succeeding than if you just mail or email a bunch of random resumes. As we flesh out each of these steps you will see the detail and amount of work that goes into finding a full time job.

The Right Attitude – The Right Result

The job hunt can be an emotional roller coaster if you let it. You can chase every lead until you drop from fatigue and depression.  You can get up every day and say this is it I am going to do it today. Then you decide to wash your car, run errands, catch a soap and now the day is gone. Neither of these attitudes will get you a job.

Remember that getting a job –the job hunt itself –is a full time job. As an experienced professional manager, I have been through the process once or twice myself. The times I worked at the job hunt for 7 hours a day or 35-40 hours a week, were the times I was most successful.

It is best if you have a home office or at least a space with a phone, computer and printer. To keep focused and a positive attitude, get up every day, dress professionally or at least get out of your pajamas. Now get your coffee and breakfast and go to your “office”. Review where you are in this plan and then get hustling on the next step.