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Cities With Above Average Growth and Jobs

Where is the best place to find a good job if you like the urban lifestyle rather than suburbia, small towns or more rural areas? Population growth and therefore jobs have been on the decline in American cities including New York since 2008 so those who love the urban life have to look long and hard at where they are going to live and work.

Even smaller cities are attractive to the urbanite that is looking for city life and the good news is that the above average growth in the past 6 years has been in just such types of cities. There is good quality of life and reasonable cost of living in these cities.

As more individuals move into these locales, there has been an equal increase in jobs related to life services as well as some increase in what have been these cities largest employers.  The reverse is also true as these cities tend to be hubs for biomedical and health and science related industry. This increase in both service industry and high end jobs both will attract more people to these cities.

Best Cities for Above Average Growth

The average rate of growth in US cities since 2008 has been under 2%, considerably so by 2013 Census data showing only an anemic overall 0.7% growth. Soon Nashville, Tennessee, one of these cities on the rise, will be larger than Boston, Massachusetts. As Nashville exemplifies, most of the city growth has been in the south and the west with a few exceptions in the Midwest and the continued growth of both New York City and Philadelphia.

By contrast, Baltimore has lost 4.2% of its population since 2000.  Soon Oklahoma City will be a larger population center than Baltimore.  Chicago is declining by 5.1% each year with Indianapolis, Indiana grows by 7.8%. New Orleans continues to defy the odds with a 2.4% growth rate. Here is the list of cities and their growth rate in the past year.

Austin, Texas, leads the list surprisingly. Once upon a time a sleepy little college community and bastion of the alternative music scene, Austin is now growing at a rate of 32% per year. With the University of Texas, arts and culture, restaurants and easy access to the Gulf of Mexico, Austin has become a destination of choice for businesses and the workers they need.

San Antonio with its enticing Riverwalk is not far behind with a 22.4% growth rate. There is no major college in San Antonio but there is a growing entrepreneurial culture with its additional jobs and independent values. Following San Antonio is the phenomena of Columbus, Ohio.

Once the insurance capital of the United States, Columbus, with its life force of The Ohio State University, has become a boom town for STEM workers – Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.  The biomedical industry is also booming in Columbus, which offers newcomers all the amenities of a major city with a major university. There are Big Ten sports, international restaurants, theater, music, and all forms of culture. There are good reasons why this city in the heart of the rust belt is growing at 15.5% annually.

Other cities on this growth list include 4 from California, Phoenix, Arizona, Jacksonville, Florida and both Dallas and Houston in Texas.

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