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The Jobs of the Future

What are the New York jobs of the next decade or two? What will you be doing in ten years? Will it be the job you are doing now or something we have never even heard of yet? What are some of the jobs of the future?

Present to 2020

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics thinks the next six years will see an explosion of jobs in certain fields throughout the country. These fields include social assistance, financial, business and professional services, healthcare and construction. The BLS expects that more than 11 million new jobs created by 2020 will be in these fields. Most jobs in these fields will not require higher education beyond perhaps an associate degree.

Beyond 2020

More important than the type of jobs that will be available a decade or so from now is where those jobs will be and why. It appears that urban areas with strong institutions of higher learning in the area, for example New York, will host the jobs of the future. Currently over 32% of the adults in the top 100 urban areas have a bachelor’s degree at least. The challenge is that employers in these cities need for 60% of the employees to have at least a bachelor’s degree.

The workforce of the future will need to be college educated as education looks to be the biggest driver of future jobs. It is expected that metropolitan areas that have a labor force with a higher education will lead the way in attracting future industry.

Some of the most popular jobs in the next decade will include both in city offices and online work at home jobs in these fields:

  • Computer Specialists in all areas
  • Health Practitioners- nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants and physicians
  • Management Positions
  • Financial Specialists
  • Business Specialists

You will notice that all of these occupations require at the very least a bachelor’s degree while many require even further education. So it seems increasingly important that people receive at least a bachelor’s degree in preparation for the jobs of the future.

Other Options

Suppose none of the above fields appeal to you. You can also add teachers to the list of jobs that will be in demand in the future. You cannot expect to increase your educated population without qualified educators. And even though the demand is for more people to be college educated, the demand for educators will include high school, college, and university level (master and PhD).

In addition, there will be a continued need in the technical assistance areas such as Physical Therapist Assistants, Dental Hygienists, Veterinary Technicians and more. All of these jobs still require very specialized education and training. It is expected that these fields will see a 35-45% increase in opportunities in the next ten to twenty years.

So pick a field now and go get your degree so you are ready when the time comes. All of these fields have current openings as well, so perhaps the future is already here.

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