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How to Hire the Right Person    

Sometimes if you want to get the right job in New York, you need to understand how your potential employer goes about hiring the right person. This article will talk about how a good company can go about hiring the right person. With this knowledge, you can learn how to approach a company, interview better, and make sure you get the interview to begin with. The more you know about how businesses think about the hiring process, the more successful you will be within that process.

Hiring Right

Always Upgrading

The best companies will be interviewing all the time whether they have an opening or not. They don’t wait till their best person quits or their weakest link gets fired. They are always looking and always interviewing. These companies know their weakest link and they are always looking to upgrade. Once they fire that weakest link it is too late. They will have downtime in that position unless they have been interviewing and can turn to their rolodex and make an offer to an already interested and interviewed candidate.

What this means for the candidate – for you –don’t be afraid to interview for companies that don’t have current openings. Keep in mind that they are interviewing because they know their weaknesses and they know they will need you in the future.

Not Rushing the Interview Process

The best companies will not rush the interview process and neither should you. The best companies will expect you to meet a lot of different people throughout the company and they will expect you to respond the same way to everyone you meet. Treat the maintenance person with the same respect and deference as you would treat the CEO.

Make sure you are open and friendly to every person you meet on your interview, the receptionist, the secretary, the maintenance people as well as the recruiter, the Human Resource staff and the hiring manager that you might actually be interviewing with. The more people you make a good impression on, the better.

Hiring managers and Human Resource personnel are increasingly willing to expose their candidates to more people in the interview process to see how the candidate responds and who they interact well with. Don’t get caught in this net. Be prepared.




Share Your Core Values – Make Sure They Match the Companies

Every company has core values. In the past, the hiring manager or interviewer might not take those values into consideration in the hiring of staff, only sharing them in orientation or training sessions after the hire. In the last ten years, however, those same hiring managers and recruiters have been trained to look for these values in candidates and to ask questions that will uncover the candidates’ core values.

So do two things. First know what your own core values are, know how they form the way you work and know how to articulate both of those things well. Secondly, do your homework and know before you go to any interview what the company core values are and if they are compatible with yours, as well as how to articulate it if they are.

If you understand these steps in the hiring process that allow a company to make the right hire, you will also understand how to be that right person.

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