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Interview Advice

How To Handle Your In-face Interview

Once you have done all the hard work, and it is hard work, to attain your in–face interview for that job you really want, what do you do now? There are a lot of tips when going on a really important face to face interview but do you know what they are?

Do you know how to make a good first impression? Do you know how to handle the interview questions to make the best impression? What do you do when the interviewer is out of questions? Do you know what not to ask and how to close the interview? This article will take a look at a small sampling of these items and offer you a few tips to find your dream job in New York.

Make a Good First Impression

Making a good first impression is critical to your interview success. How do you do this?

  • Dress for success. You only get one chance to make a good first impression. These are clichés yes, but they are clichés that just happen to be true every time. Make a good choice and dress well, No jeans and t-shirts no matter how casual the company dress policy is. No flip flops or tank tops. Dress professionally.
  • Shake hands firmly and smile. Make eye contact and don’t be afraid of it.

 How to Handle the Questions in an Interview

  • “Tell me about yourself” – ah the dreaded question. Actually this is the easiest question in the world. ‘What?’ you say. Everyone hates this question. So many interviewees get tripped up on this question yet everyone knows this question will be asked. Prepare for it. If it is not asked, great. But expect it to be asked and prepare for it. There is no reason to allow yourself to get tripped up by it. “Tell me about yourself” Does not mean the interviewer wants to hear about your life. No they want to hear about your professional work life. Relax, talk about what you do, what you have done, your accomplishments…keep your answers focused on your job.
  • The rest of these questions are predictable as well. Prepare for them. If you do you will find yourself relaxed and able to talk about yourself with confidence and ease. Why did you leave your last job or why do you want to leave it? Keep this answer focused on your ambition and your goals. What do you want to succeed at that you did not have the opportunity to do so. Never say anything bad about your previous employer.
  • Stay positive and know how you would describe yourself, what are your strengths and weaknesses – weaknesses should really be strengths such as “work too hard” or ”don’t know when to quit.”

Closing You Interview:

Make sure you are polite, positive and express your desire for the job but don’t be needy or sound desperate.


Just do your homework and have answers ready for the questions you know will be asked. Your confidence just from being prepared will get you through and will come across to the interviewer. Good luck.

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