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Industries That Favor Women   

More and more women in New York are finding fair treatment in the business world, though many barriers still exist. If you are a woman looking for a career and an industry in which to not only work but thrive, there are some industries that are specifically favoring the female employee.

In 2012 the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that 38% of women between age 25 and 64 had college degrees and in 2013 more than 50% of all existing degrees from associate through doctoral that year were given to women. What industries are waiting with open doors for these degreed women?

Six industries stand out as having strong opportunities for women to get hired, to get promoted and even to get wealthy.

  1. Oil and Gas Extraction: It is one of the most controversial industries out there and yet believe it or not, it holds a great future for women. What was once the province of rich men is now the province of smart people regardless of gender but there is a push for female applicants. In 2013, the growth of women in oil and gas went up 11.6% and rose 6.2% over the past five years.Women are actually being hired most in the technical end of the industry. The average salary in the industry in 2013 is $132,000.
  2. Tire Manufacturing: Another industry not traditionally kind to women that has changed its tune. In the past 4 years the number of women in this industry has grown by 16.8%. Part of the reason for this is the majority of chemical engineering degrees in this timeframe have gone to women, as well as industrial engineering and other technical degrees. The demand for skilled workers has grown just when women were preparing themselves with those skills. The average salary is $62,200 and the industry is growing at a 6.2% revenue growth.
  3. E-Commerce & Online Auctions: This new field that is opening up to everyone is particularly suited to women. Most of this field is work at home which is well suited to women with children. Many women also have a high acumen for sales. The industry is growing at 10% and it is expected to grow 6.6% in the future. The industry is comprised of at least 15% women.
  4. Home Care Providers: One of the fastest growing industries in general and employing women in particular.  There is not nearly as much of a financial boom as the other fields of endeavor are but the demand in this field is off the chart. This is not about child care as it was when the Baby Boomers first hit the job market. It is about elder care in home as the Baby Boomers now need this type of care. In 2013, the people caring for elders in their home or elsewhere were 88% women. Salaries run at only $25,000 per year which is rather low, however even where they are right now, they have the potential to go into the medical field.

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