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Optimal Jobs for Veterans

It is a difficult transition for the war veteran to make coming back to civilian life in New York and finding a way to fit back into society. That society is so unstructured and unregulated compared with military life. Fitting in is difficult and finding the right job is a big part of the challenge.

So what types of jobs are optimal for returning veterans and where can they find them? What qualifications do these jobs require and what qualifications do returning veterans have? Let’s take a look.

Qualifications of Veterans

  • High performance level and commitment to excellence
  • Efficiency and effectiveness in completing projects
  • Ability to work well within a fast paced, multifaceted workplace with ever changing projects and assignments.
  • Good communication skills including the ability to understand orders and instructions and ability to communicate those orders and instructions to others.
  • Ability to overcome adversity and apply outside the box solutions to challenging problems.
  • Leadership ability and experience.
  • Training and teaching experience.

Jobs Needing Veteran Qualifications

There are plenty of jobs in New York that suit the qualifications and makeup of a lot of our returning veterans. The challenge is matching up the qualifications above with jobs in your area that are open and meet your needs. What follows is just a taste of the kind of jobs that need the skills and experience mentioned above. Some will have additional information while some will simply list the job and its salary range.

Any job with ‘manager’ in the title might be appealing to servicemen who have supervised troop. Some soldiers will have experience with emergency medical needs and MASH units, while others will have software development or legal experience.

Training and Development: A manager’s annual salary is about $95, 400 and you can see how a vet with good training experience might fit this job.

Industrial Production Manager: salary is $89,900, needs a 4 year or at least 2 yr. degree.

Construction Program Manager Average salary: $82,800. If you have ever worked construction this is a great job for you. Get a 2 year degree and you will be set.

Administrative Services Manager:  Average salary: $81,100, probably needs a 4 year degree.

Police Officer/Private Security: Average salary $56,980, needs a high school diploma, and academy training. Promotions require 4 year or advanced degrees.

IT Specialists: Average salary: Average salary $48,900. Many service people receive computer and communication training and experience in the military. A 4 year or advanced degree will probably be required. The field is growing by 17%

Paralegal: Average salary $47,000.

Truck Driver – both corporate and owner operator: Average Salary $43,000

Mental Health Counselor: Average salary is $41,500 and the demand is great with expectations of 29% future growth rate. The demand for mental health counselors with military experience working with other returning veterans suffering from mental illness is great. This is a serious problem as at least 25% of all active duty non-deployed Army personnel.

EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) Average salary $31,000- a perfect fit for anyone with medical experience while in the service.


There are many agencies and non-profits set up to aid veterans in this transition back to civilian life, including the Veterans Administration, Veterans of Foreign Wars, the GI Bill and many websites dedicated to jobs for veterans. It is hoped that this article will help returning veterans to think differently about their job search and understand that they will have to sell the skills they have.

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