Where the Jobs Are


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Where the Jobs Are

The unemployment rate in New York is lower than it has been in decades but does it feel that way to you? Maybe it’s because television keeps telling us we are in “these tough economic times”. So where are the jobs? What are the businesses and industry that have jobs to offer if you are trained for them?

The truth is there are choices to be made. Sometimes they might seem like very tough choices and sometimes the best choice might not make sense to your friends and family, but that choice might be the best for this economy. The best choice includes lifestyle issues as well as status and money.

For instance do you choose to be a dentist and have the challenges and hassles of running your own business or do you want to be a dental hygienist and be able to help people and work without that? In the past, most people would choose to be the dentist. Today more and more people are choosing to be the dental hygienist. Why?

Dental Hygienist positions are one of the fastest growing jobs in New York and they are being given more and more responsibility. 40% of all the job growth over the next few years will be in this field. There are not those kinds of openings for dentists. This is considered a middle skilled job and pays from $15 to $38. These types of jobs require less education than a college degree and more than just high school. You can also be a professional while still having time for your family.

These types of middle skilled jobs –jobs that require more than a high school education but less than a college degree are the fastest growing jobs in the United States for the next several years. This includes jobs with apprenticeships or on the job training in a skilled trade such as plumbers and electricians. Jobs associated with unions like pipefitters and transportation jobs fall in this category as do many of the middle skilled health care jobs.

A good example of the growth in these types of jobs is to look at just one major urban area in just one state. It is projected that the growth in middle skill level jobs in Indianapolis, Indiana in the next three years could be over 16,000. I t is expected that health care jobs will lead the way. Other jobs that will increase include waste management, storage and distribution. These types of jobs will average just under $38.00 an hour.

From light transportation and delivery at $14.00 an hour to plumbers at over $50 an hour, the growth of middle skilled jobs appears to be the way of the future in most urban areas of the United States. It is also anticipated that in the largest group of middle skilled jobs will be in nursing. In the Indianapolis area alone the increase in the next three years is expected to exceed 2400 jobs.

So if a four year degree or advanced degree is not for you, look into the middle skill jobs for the quality of lifestyle that you desire.

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