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The Office Holiday Party 

So you’re a working class New Yorker, going to the office Christmas party this year. Everyone is looking forward to it yet you know that every year someone does something so stupid they risk losing their job. Don’t let this happen to you. What are some tips for surviving the office Christmas party and still having a good time?

The office Christmas party is often a way for a company to reward their employees, their spouses and sometimes the company clients. Here is good advice from those who know.

Etiquette for the Office Christmas Party         

  1. Accept the invitation so that your boss knows you are coming. Don’t assume it is ok to bring your spouse or another guest. If it is not on the invitation, ask.
  2. Leave work behind. Don’t spend the entire party talking shop, especially if socializing with your boss or those above you in the corporate structure. If clients are present it is ok to talk shop but not otherwise.
  3. Be prepared for small talk. If you are not comfortable with small talk, you will not be comfortable at the office party. If this is the case and it is politically necessary for you to show up, make the rounds quickly making sure to greet your boss and associates and then excuse yourself and leave.
  4. Dress appropriately. Is the party business attire? Is it casual or is it business casual? Find out before you go and make sure your guest knows as well.
  5. Be on time.
  6. If you drink, just have one drink. Never, ever get intoxicated at the office Christmas party. Never “fortify” yourself with alcohol so that you can make small talk. It will take more drinks than you realize and you will no longer be in control. This is the worst thing you can do at the office Christmas party.
  7. Hold your drink, snacks or food in your left hand so that you can shake hands with your right one.
  8. Always introduce your spouse or guest to your boss and the people you work with. It is fine to introduce them to everyone else you speak with, but it is important that you don’t miss introducing them to your boss and associates.
  9. The second worst thing you can do at the office Christmas party is to get entangled in an office romance. Again this usually happens when one or both of the people involved are intoxicated.
  10. Many people like to take pictures at office parties and in this age of selfies, it is even more popular than ever. However proper office party etiquette says you should not take any pictures of any of the people at the party unless they give you permission to do so. Also keep an eye on who might be taking pictures of you.

11. When the evening is over and it is time to leave make sure you remember to thank your boss and the top management of the company that is present at this party.

Keeping all of this in mind –go to your office Christmas party and have a great time!