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Jobs with Certifications

As you peruse the New York employment want ads and the lists of openings online, along with what your recruiter sent you, you notice a pattern in some of the most desirable job descriptions. Yes you need to have a degree for some jobs. Other jobs require specific experience and achievements. But there is another category that continues to capture your attention. It is all those ads that read “Certification Required”.

It seems that there are more and more jobs these days that require a type of certification. Clearly the most common types are “the trades” that require certification. Many times in the past these jobs would require an apprenticeship or internship but not always a certification. That system appears to be going away and if you want to work in these fields, you will have to get certified.

It also appears that so many occupations that are not “the trades” are turning to certificates rather than degrees as the educational requirements  for the job.

  • HVACR Certification– this one has been around for a long time and does not require any college as you can be certified by taking the specified courses. This is a certification in Heating, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration. There are multiple certificate levels in this field of work.

The technician with less than two years of experience in the field is required to take several courses and then he will need to take the certification exam.  Then with more than two years’ experience, they can take the experienced HVACA technician test and a wide variety of specialty tests and certifications. Certificate courses and tests can be taken at trade school and high schools.


  • Project Management – Most of us think of project management as a part of a job that requires a degree and it can be that. It can also be a job in itself. The PMP certification comes from the Project Management Institute and it is the most recognized of the project management certificates. With this certificate you will likely run a large project team.

This certification can be garnered by professionals in IT, engineering, and construction. They earn about $150,000 and it requires about 30-35 hours of classwork, 7500 hours of PM experience (without a Bachelor Degree) or 4500 hours of PM experience (with a Bachelor degree)

  • Information Security Management certificate is for IT management professionals who are in the security end of the business. This is for the person who implements security policies.  The exam can only be taken 3 times a year at a different one of 240 possible locations.  You must have 5 years of Information Security experience and 3 years managerial.
  • The American Society of Training & Development has a portfolio of certificate programs available. Most of the people who take these courses are already training professionals. Some of the certificates they offer include Master Trainer Program, Talent Management Certificate and Career Planning Certificate.

There are many more certificates available in New York, especially for IT or IS professionals, electricians, financial planners, contractors and construction specialists, and clinical medical assistance.

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