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The Top Jobs of this Century

There is a growing gap between the jobs that are available in New York today, the jobs that will be available for the rest of the century and the workers and potential workers with the skills and experience to fill them. Every year, more and more baby boomers leave the workforce just as more new technologies come to the workplace and our educational system struggles to keep up.

So what are all these jobs in New York that need to be filled and what kind of skills do you need to develop in order to fill one of them? Let’s just take one state in the union as an example of this trend.

Job Needs in Indiana

Indiana is just a microcosm of the rest of the nation with an immense number of jobs that might go wanting come 2022. In Indiana, the Department of Workforce Development estimates that over 650,000 baby boomers will retire and leave jobs that need to be filled. While at the very same time new technologies and new companies will develop over 335,000 new jobs during this period.

This represents an 18% job growth, however they are in specific fields and professions. The number one need in Indiana is for Registered Nurses.

Nationwide Needs

Many of the jobs that are hot at the state levels are also the same jobs that are open throughout the country. For instance, the number one need in the state of Indiana, our example for this article, is for nurses. Across the country, registered nurses are in shortage and there are hundreds of thousands of jobs that go unfilled. This will only increase as more and more baby boomers retire. There is also a worldwide nursing shortage which adds to the issue.

Other jobs will be in high demand for the rest of this century even as these jobs evolve through technology.  Throughout New York, there is a shortage of teachers – kindergarten through high school. This is also true in our sample state of Indiana. In fact, teachers follow nurses on the list of the most needed professionals in Indiana.

Across New York City, the second most needed profession is that of the physical therapist. This is easy to understand as more baby boomers age and face arthritic and systemic illnesses.

If you don’t want to go to college, try an apprenticeship for stone masons. This will be the 25th fastest- growing profession in the US for the rest of this century. All that is required is a high school diploma and an apprenticeship. In our example state of Indiana there is not as great a need for the stone mason. Rather, there is a great need for electricians who also must serve an apprenticeship before being licensed.

Home Health Aides will continue to be needed throughout the century. This job requires a high school diploma and perhaps training as a CNA or an MA (Certified Nursing Assistant or Medical Assistant).


This is only a small sample of the kind of jobs that will be popular throughout this century.  Other trades such as carpenters and plumbers will also be in demand. Managers of many kinds – Office Managers, Project Managers, General Manager, Operations Managers and Sales Managers are also part of the list.

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