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Have you been applying for jobs in New York but have not heard back from any of them? How many jobs have you applied for recently and how many have emailed or called you back? Applying for jobs in New York is a job in itself and it can get exhausting at times. And I know how discouraging it can be, to apply for countless jobs and not hear back from any of them!

Here is the scenario: You find a job posting online, you read it and find out you would be a perfect fit for that job, you apply and wait anxiously for a response. Days have passed, weeks or even months and you never heard back from that job, as a matter of fact you haven’t heard back from any of the jobs you have applied for… This really feels discouraging. The New York job market is tough and very competitive, but if after applying for over 10 jobs you still haven’t heard back from at least one, then the problem may actually be with your resume!

It is important to have a well written, concise and straight to the point, resume. But it is also important, especially for those applying to jobs online, to have a computer optimized resume. Most companies in New York nowadays use a software scanning system, which scores your resume based on certain key words, the higher the score the higher your chances are of receiving a call back. The key words vary from job to job and can be found on the job posting itself. You need to develop a core competency or key skills section, to computer optimize your resume, which will help to improve your rankings.

If your resume has a strong professional profile section and a key skills section that has all the key words that New York employers are looking for, then you are halfway there. Make sure your resume is tailored to the jobs you wish to apply for, that it is computer optimized for those jobs and don’t forget to include accomplishments on your profile section. You need to market yourself on your resume and show them why you would be the best fit candidate for that position! Good luck to all on your job search!

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