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Accounting Jobs


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Best Accounting Jobs

If you have an accounting degree in New York, whether you have just completed school or have years of experience and you want to move on, what kind of jobs are there? What are the best types of accounting jobs today? How many require a CPA?  Are there many supervisor opportunities out there for accountants?

With the ongoing changes in taxes both federal and local, business and personal, with the economy coming back and a tug of war between regulations and support for small businesses, the accountant is more important and in demand than ever before by both the big and small business. This demand for accountants in New York is expected to grow as much as 25% over the next ten years

Here are the top accounting jobs:

  • Internal Auditor – works on the improvement of the internal financial controls and compliance mandates as they are passed or as regulations are written. Some of the areas included in the broad scope of an internal auditor would include investigating potential fraud and deterring it, assure compliance with regulations and laws, assure efficacy of operations and financial reports, and the safeguarding of all assets. They are advisors to the board and management as opposed to actually executing policy. This job requires certification as a CIA (Certified Internal Auditor), a Bachelor’s degree and two years of experience. Salaries can range from $77,500 to about $101,500.
  • Compliance Officer or Compliance Executive – this job is about being in compliance all local, state and federal regulations and laws or facilitating the process of becoming compliant. If there is a separate governing body for the industry you are in, then you must be in compliance with those quality standards as well. It is often good for the company to hire an accountant with experience reporting to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Starting salaries for this Chief Compliance Officer will be up 14.4% thus pushing this job to the top of the accounting jobs scale.
  • Financial Analyst Accountants – are responsible for budgeting and forecasting and how to increase profits. Sometimes called Security Analysts or Investment Analysts, these accountants tend to work for banks, mutual funds, insurance companies, securities, and pension funds. These accountants most often analyze costs, sales, expenses, commodity prices and tax rates so that they can project future earnings and decide on the company’s value. These analysts will review not only their company’s trends but the industry as a whole. A 5-6% increase in compensation from year to year.
  • The Staff Accountant – this is the traditional accounting position in most companies. This person applies accounting principles to their assigned areas by compiling data, researching, journaling, and reconciling all financial data. These accountants must be sure all the laws and regulations are followed. They prepare reports and summarize the financial activities of the company. This job requires 3 years of public accounting and these salaries are increasing annually by 5%.
  • External Auditor – finally, there is the external auditor who comes into a company and reviews its records and states that it complies with laws and regulations, is free of fraud and mistakes. They also investigate any errors or potential misconduct that they find. This position requires a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) and three to seven years’ experience. There is an ever growing need for this type of accountant.

Best Locations for Accountants

Here are a couple of cities that are among the best place for accountants to find the best jobs.

  • Denver – salaries for the normal accounting jobs

Bookkeeper- $68,290

Auditor/Accountant – $69,830

  • Seattle – salaries for the normal accounting jobs

Bookkeeper- $38,460

Auditor/Accountant – $66,950

Conclusion: There are many excellent job opportunities for accountants in New York who have either completed a CIA or a CPA. Salaries are good if you have your certification and three to seven years’ experience.