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Is the Military a Job for You?

As the Toronto economy improves and more jobs become available, will the military still be as appealing as an employer as they are in tough economic times? The answer is probably not. Still, for some people the military is the best possible career opportunity. Are you that person? How do you know if you would thrive in the regimented world of the armed services?

The Military as a Career Choice

What might make the military more appealing as a career choice than any other civilian job?

  • Service to Country
  • Physical and Mental Challenges
  • Sense of Accomplishment
  • Continual Learning Environment/Paid Training
  • Diversity in Career Fields
  • Pay, Education/Benefits, Retirement

Getting Hired

As with any other job, you need to do your homework before ‘applying’ for a job with the military. We often talk about joining the military as if it was a given that anyone who wants to can join and get any training and any job you want. This is just not true. The army is the easiest service to get into if you want to be an infantry member. However if want to make the military your career, you need to do your homework.

  • Learn everything you can about each one of the branches of the service and their extensions or sub-branches. What does each service have to offer and how do your interests match what they offer? Do you want to be a pilot? If so you are of course going to think of joining the Air Force. However you also need to think of joining the Navy which has a very strong air force.

Speaking of the Navy – if you want a different kind of experience but want to be associated with a service, the Navy is your best bet as both the Coast Guard and the Merchant Marines are a part of the Navy.

  • Just as the high school student who is preparing for college must take the ACT or the SAT, those who wish to enter the military services must prepare for and take the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery Test.
  • Interview well and asks questions. Just like you would do if you were interviewing for a civilian job, when you meet with a military recruiter ask questions. Don’t let the recruiter do all the talking. Ask the questions you need to ask to get the information you need before you sign up. Remember that recruiter is rewarded for every recruit he signs up.
  • Imagine in a civilian job that you have been offered the job and accepted based on passing a physical and completing all the Humans Resources paperwork. The same is true with the military. You have to pass a physical exam and complete paperwork.
  • Read the contract. Be sure you know everything it says and that you understand everything it says. Unlike a civilian job, you can’t just quit the military if you decide you don’t like it. Sign the contract.
  • Unlike civilian jobs there is one more step for the military. You have to swear to serve the country and defend the constitution.

If this sounds good to you then it might be worth your time to check it out.