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Where Should I Look For a Tech Job?

Are you in New York and looking for a tech job? Where should you look? What are the best places for a tech job? What factors make a place great for tech companies to be established and flourish? To begin with, you would want to look at the cost of living in the area, salary and what employment opportunities there are.

Criteria for Great Places for Tech Jobs

What makes an area a great place for tech jobs? Here are some basic criteria:

  • How many tech employers and total tech jobs are there in the area?
  • Annual wages for area tech jobs
  • The gross cost of rent/mortgage in the area and other aspects of the cost of living.

Best Places to Look for a Tech Job Based on these Criteria

  1. Silicon Valley still leads the way no matter what factors or survey data is based on. San Jose, Santa Clara and Sunnyvale make up the valley and some of the most prominent tech companies are here along with Stanford University which graduates an abundance of tech grads. Of all the jobs in the valley over 10% are tech jobs. The average salary for a tech job in the valley pays about $130,000 and the rent is $1,600 per month.
  2. Huntsville Alabama otherwise known as the ‘Research Triangle’ is also described as “the heart of the Southern tech scene” by researcher NerdWallet. Huntsville has also been called Rocket City. While 10% of jobs in Silicon Valley are tech, almost 7% in Huntsville are. The average tech job pays around $92,000 and rent/mortgages run about $725 per month.
  3. Seattle-Bellevue-Everett is the home of Microsoft, Boeing and Amazon, with Zillow, Expedia, Twitter, Google and Facebook there as well. Almost 8% of all jobs are tech related and salaries are higher than Huntsville at about $108,000. Rents/mortgages are around $1100 per month.
  4. Dunhill-Chapel Hill hosts companies like IBM and Cisco, with about 7% tech jobs. The average salary is 94,500 and rent/mortgage is about $870 per month.
  5. Boulder Colorado is home to Blackflip Studios and Rally Software among other small high tech startups. 7% of all jobs are tech jobs and the medium income for those jobs is almost $98,000. Rents and mortgages averages about $1200 month.
  6. San Francisco-San Mateo-Redwood City is the home of Dropbox, Salehoo, Pinterest, Linked-In and Twitter. The percentage of tech jobs in the area is 7% with an average tech salary of $113,000 and area rent is about $1400 per month.
  7. DC-Alexandria-West Virginia-Maryland hosts Soundtracker, Trackmaven, and Encore Alert. 8% of the jobs in the area are tech jobs paying around $104,000 with local rents that run around $1500 per month.
  8. Raleigh NC is home to Google’s high speed fiber optic internet service. The average tech salary is $87,000 and the rent/mortgage is $700.
  9. Austin-Round Rock-San Marcos hosts Dell, IBM, and HostMeNot. There is an average tech salary of $84,000 with 6% of the jobs being in technology. The rent/mortgage is about $1000 per month.

So if you are looking for a tech job, start with these cities.

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Ten of the Best Companies to Work For

Of course all New Yorkers would like to work for the companies that treat their employees the best and that employees consider to be the best places to work. The companies on this list were rated by 24/7 Wall Street – “is a Delaware corporation set up to run a financial news and opinion operation with content delivered over the Internet.”

24/7 Wall Street surveyed employees of companies that were liked and those that were not. Here are some of the best companies to work for.

  1. Linked-In was founded in 2003 and has over 300 million members internationally and 5045 employees. It is the largest professional network in the world that is played out on the internet. So what makes this the best company to work for? To start with the employees here are well paid with the average software engineer at Linked-In earning $145,190 while the national average is $127,800. Other benefits include free food, a good balance between work and play, and great leadership. Linked-In’s CEO is Jeff Weiner one of the most respected and inspiring business leaders in the world.
  2. Facebook, another social media company, follows immediately after Linked-In. Facebook is highly profitable and the best known social media website. Great perks and benefits are one of the advantages of working here. There is basically no hierarchy in the structure of Facebook and the fast paced yet casual work environment is enjoyed by employees.
  3. Eastman Chemical is a global company that offers teamwork, a positive work environment, a good work/life balance and colleagues you can work with. The people who work for Eastman Chemical feel one of the most important perks of working there is the company’s overall safety record and programs. Safety is a core value for Eastman and they publicly reveal their safety record.
  4. Insight Global is a recruiting firm that specializes in IT. They are known for supplying upwards of 20,000 IT specialists every year. Their recruiters are professional, personal, and well compensated.
  5. Bain & Company is a management consulting firm.  Employees love working for the managing director, love the training and professional development they receive and the workplace culture. If there are any negatives it was because of the tough schedule of travel and the long hours.
  6. Riverbed Technologies has employees raving about the culture of the company and the balance they promote between work and life.  Employees are also proud of the quality of products they produce.
  7. Google is infamous for its culture, its parties, and its amenities for its workers. Located in Mountain View, California, there are 25 different cafeterias, fleets of bikes and scooters and seven fitness centers.  Employees get health insurance, retirement benefits, legal aid, travel insurance and education reimbursement.
  8. Southwest Airlines has employees who love the company culture and benefits including free flights, matching 401ks, profit sharing and successfully innovating the business of commercial air flight.
  9. McKinsey & Company has some of the most skilled problem solvers in the business. Employees have nothing but good things to say about the company which offers wide ranging benefits, talented coworkers and interesting work.
  10.  The Boston Consulting Group comes in tenth as employees feel their talents are valued and they use those talents well. They treat their employees well, and they value each other.

When looking for a job in New York, these are some of the ten best employers to work for.

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Where Medical Assistants Get the Best Pay  

The need for medical assistants is growing across the United States, particularly in New York. This growth is expected to continue for at least the next decade. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, that growth is anticipated to be at about 34% and everywhere across the country.

So where are the best places to work and where is the best possible pay for Medical Assistants? As the need continues to grow, medical assistants have more opportunities and more choices. They can follow the money if they choose to. So where is the money for the most popular of healthcare careers?

Medical assistants can do such a wide variety of jobs that they are going to be in high demand all over the country. What they do usually dictates what they get paid. They might be in a doctor’s office doing back of the house and interacting with patients. They may draw blood, take histories, schedule appointments and record vitals. Though the demand is high for medical assistants, there are some places that pay much higher than others.

Here are the top ten states that pay the highest:

First on the list is California at $22 per hour and a very high cost of living to go with it. California also offers tremendous amenities in terms of quality of lifestyle with the beaches and the weather, but of course you pay for these amenities. So if you consider California and its rate of pay, remember to balance it against the high cost of living.

The next highest pay rate came from Idaho at $21.66. Aside from Idaho, Washington State is the only other western state in the top ten. All of the remaining top paying states are on the east coast. Here are numbers three through ten.

3. District of Columbia $21.36

4. Connecticut $20.36

5. Massachusetts $20.08

6. New Jersey $20.06

7. Alaska $19.67

8. Rhode Island $19.53

9. Delaware $19.18

10. Washington $19.04

If none of these locations appeals to you, you should know that the average rate of pay for a medical assistant throughout the country is now just over $14.00 per hour or $29,000 a year. Most of these jobs are in smaller communities and rural areas or they are jobs with strictly front office responsibilities. For those jobs in or close to major metropolitan areas or with a lot of back office responsibilities, the starting wage is usually a little over $17,000 per hour.

The best of the medical assistant jobs is when you have a mix of front and back office duties. You have both administrative and patient responsibilities in this type of job. These are also the best paying medical assistant jobs. For 2012, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the average medical assistant job paid $29,370. However the best paid medical assistants earned $41,570 and the least paid earned $21,080.

They also reported that the highest paid jobs were in physicians’ offices and hospitals while the lowest pay was in nursing homes and rehab facilities. The highest paid were also located in San Francisco, Fairbanks, Alaska and Vallejo, California.

BioMed Jobs


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Best BioMed Jobs

If you are a New Yorker graduating soon with a degree in biomedical engineering, or if you have such a degree and want to change jobs, this article will help you. We will look at what is involved in being a biomed engineer, what are the best jobs, where are the best jobs and what the pay scale is.

First and foremost just what is a biomedical engineer? Listed by CNN Money as the #1 job in the United States, the biomedical engineer has a fascinating career. With the possibilities running from designing prosthetic human limbs to developing artificial human organs or the regeneration of tissue, the kinds of activities the bioengineer is involved with border on the science fiction stories we grew up with as kids.

Bioengineers might collect and analyze biological data, develop pharmaceuticals, formulate drugs, and tackle the toughest of challenges in the health and medical field. You can attain a bachelors, a masters or a Ph.D in biomed engineering. It is also possible to start out with a traditional engineering degree like a mechanical engineer, electrical engineer or chemical engineer and then add biological studies and do very well in the field. Other engineers like civil or industrial do not lend themselves to the biomed field nearly as well.

With rapid changes in technology, the biomedical engineer needs to be flexible and hard working in order to keep up. The biomed engineer is one of the highest paid of all engineering jobs with an average of $79,500 and a top pay of around $124,000. Over a 10 year period there is an almost 62% increase in the number of available jobs.

These jobs can be found in a wide variety of industries including hospitals, universities, industries, labs and regulatory agencies.

Best Places

  • Minneapolis, Minnesota – with an average annual salary of $96, 830 the biomedical engineer can earn considerable more than the national average. In an area where the job market is booming with biomed jobs, Medtronic and Boston Scientific are two of the largest employers.
  • Boston – Compared to the national growth rate of 62%, the market for biomed engineers is 75% growth rate. Boston also boasts an above the national average compensation rate. Good companies to consider in Boston include Draper Laboratory, Philips and Boston Scientific.
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – salary is just a little below the national average but Philly has the third most biomedical engineering jobs in the country. Since Philly’s cost of living is below average, biomedical engineers still do very well with their quality of life at about $86,000.  The top companies here are Global Medical, Synthes, and Merck.
  • San Jose, California is the 4th best city for biomedical engineers with the highest pay in the country at an average of $115,440 salary. For its size San Jose also does well with over 600 job opportunities. Check out Abbot Labs if you go there.


With the ability to work in almost any industry and with a science fiction type of work environment and activities, biomedical engineering is a booming career field.

Accounting Jobs


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Best Accounting Jobs

If you have an accounting degree in New York, whether you have just completed school or have years of experience and you want to move on, what kind of jobs are there? What are the best types of accounting jobs today? How many require a CPA?  Are there many supervisor opportunities out there for accountants?

With the ongoing changes in taxes both federal and local, business and personal, with the economy coming back and a tug of war between regulations and support for small businesses, the accountant is more important and in demand than ever before by both the big and small business. This demand for accountants in New York is expected to grow as much as 25% over the next ten years

Here are the top accounting jobs:

  • Internal Auditor – works on the improvement of the internal financial controls and compliance mandates as they are passed or as regulations are written. Some of the areas included in the broad scope of an internal auditor would include investigating potential fraud and deterring it, assure compliance with regulations and laws, assure efficacy of operations and financial reports, and the safeguarding of all assets. They are advisors to the board and management as opposed to actually executing policy. This job requires certification as a CIA (Certified Internal Auditor), a Bachelor’s degree and two years of experience. Salaries can range from $77,500 to about $101,500.
  • Compliance Officer or Compliance Executive – this job is about being in compliance all local, state and federal regulations and laws or facilitating the process of becoming compliant. If there is a separate governing body for the industry you are in, then you must be in compliance with those quality standards as well. It is often good for the company to hire an accountant with experience reporting to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Starting salaries for this Chief Compliance Officer will be up 14.4% thus pushing this job to the top of the accounting jobs scale.
  • Financial Analyst Accountants – are responsible for budgeting and forecasting and how to increase profits. Sometimes called Security Analysts or Investment Analysts, these accountants tend to work for banks, mutual funds, insurance companies, securities, and pension funds. These accountants most often analyze costs, sales, expenses, commodity prices and tax rates so that they can project future earnings and decide on the company’s value. These analysts will review not only their company’s trends but the industry as a whole. A 5-6% increase in compensation from year to year.
  • The Staff Accountant – this is the traditional accounting position in most companies. This person applies accounting principles to their assigned areas by compiling data, researching, journaling, and reconciling all financial data. These accountants must be sure all the laws and regulations are followed. They prepare reports and summarize the financial activities of the company. This job requires 3 years of public accounting and these salaries are increasing annually by 5%.
  • External Auditor – finally, there is the external auditor who comes into a company and reviews its records and states that it complies with laws and regulations, is free of fraud and mistakes. They also investigate any errors or potential misconduct that they find. This position requires a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) and three to seven years’ experience. There is an ever growing need for this type of accountant.

Best Locations for Accountants

Here are a couple of cities that are among the best place for accountants to find the best jobs.

  • Denver – salaries for the normal accounting jobs

Bookkeeper- $68,290

Auditor/Accountant – $69,830

  • Seattle – salaries for the normal accounting jobs

Bookkeeper- $38,460

Auditor/Accountant – $66,950

Conclusion: There are many excellent job opportunities for accountants in New York who have either completed a CIA or a CPA. Salaries are good if you have your certification and three to seven years’ experience.

Retail Jobs


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Best Retail Management Jobs

With an expected growth rate of about 8% in 2014, many of you will be looking for or considering a management job in retail. Where and what are the best retail management jobs in New York? What factors are involved with a company being the best place for a retail management job?

Factors that Make for a Best Retail Management Job

Location: Where is the job located? Is it a good place to live? Quality of life and cost of living outside the job are important factors for most managers when considering a retail job offer.

Culture and Values: Do the personal interests, values and goals of the manager match the culture and values of the company? If they do not, the manager is not likely to be very happy in the job regardless of compensation and benefits.

Benefits:  This is one of the most important aspects for almost all retail managers. This includes health, life and disability insurance; 401 K’s, paid time off and perks.

Hours: There are never good hours in retail; however the premise of landing somewhat good hours is always an important factor for potential managers.

Compensation: Money is important but it is hardly ever the most important factor when considering a new position.

Who Are the Best Retail Companies to Work For in Management?

In actuality, the best retail management jobs are those that match the candidate’s talents, interests, skills, personal goals, location, benefits, hours and compensation. In order to know which job is best for you, you have to know what matters to you in each of these areas and then compare your personal value and need with what a particular retail corporation offers to their managers.

Neiman Marcus: Do you want to work for a luxury retailer? Companies like Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom come to mind. Neiman Marcus offers extras like in store gift wrap service and top notch customer service program. For those who want to work for a luxury retailer it does not get any better than this. Neiman Marcus serves the top 2% income bracket internationally. They offer high end products in antiques, apparel, rare books, shoes, home decorations, jewelry, furnishings and cosmetics. Their customers tend to be active in travel and have advanced degrees

If top of the line luxury is not your cup of tea in retail management, why not give Target a try? Target offers good compensation and benefits, a commitment to customer service and a commitment to the well-being and careers of their employees. However, whether is it Neiman Marcus, Target or Walmart, retail management requires weekend and holidays as well.

If you want upper middle class retail, your choice would be Target. Choosing Walmart would be choosing to serve the blue collar working class.

Target employees are better skilled in leadership and project management while Walmart employees are better at sales.

As expected, Target offers higher wages than Walmart. Here are a few samples of this.

Department Manager Target $48,457                 Walmart $29,211

Assistant Manager    Target $48,003                  Walmart $42, 134

Store Manager           Target $65, 960                 Walmart $60, 326