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BioMed Jobs


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Best BioMed Jobs

If you are a New Yorker graduating soon with a degree in biomedical engineering, or if you have such a degree and want to change jobs, this article will help you. We will look at what is involved in being a biomed engineer, what are the best jobs, where are the best jobs and what the pay scale is.

First and foremost just what is a biomedical engineer? Listed by CNN Money as the #1 job in the United States, the biomedical engineer has a fascinating career. With the possibilities running from designing prosthetic human limbs to developing artificial human organs or the regeneration of tissue, the kinds of activities the bioengineer is involved with border on the science fiction stories we grew up with as kids.

Bioengineers might collect and analyze biological data, develop pharmaceuticals, formulate drugs, and tackle the toughest of challenges in the health and medical field. You can attain a bachelors, a masters or a Ph.D in biomed engineering. It is also possible to start out with a traditional engineering degree like a mechanical engineer, electrical engineer or chemical engineer and then add biological studies and do very well in the field. Other engineers like civil or industrial do not lend themselves to the biomed field nearly as well.

With rapid changes in technology, the biomedical engineer needs to be flexible and hard working in order to keep up. The biomed engineer is one of the highest paid of all engineering jobs with an average of $79,500 and a top pay of around $124,000. Over a 10 year period there is an almost 62% increase in the number of available jobs.

These jobs can be found in a wide variety of industries including hospitals, universities, industries, labs and regulatory agencies.

Best Places

  • Minneapolis, Minnesota – with an average annual salary of $96, 830 the biomedical engineer can earn considerable more than the national average. In an area where the job market is booming with biomed jobs, Medtronic and Boston Scientific are two of the largest employers.
  • Boston – Compared to the national growth rate of 62%, the market for biomed engineers is 75% growth rate. Boston also boasts an above the national average compensation rate. Good companies to consider in Boston include Draper Laboratory, Philips and Boston Scientific.
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – salary is just a little below the national average but Philly has the third most biomedical engineering jobs in the country. Since Philly’s cost of living is below average, biomedical engineers still do very well with their quality of life at about $86,000.  The top companies here are Global Medical, Synthes, and Merck.
  • San Jose, California is the 4th best city for biomedical engineers with the highest pay in the country at an average of $115,440 salary. For its size San Jose also does well with over 600 job opportunities. Check out Abbot Labs if you go there.


With the ability to work in almost any industry and with a science fiction type of work environment and activities, biomedical engineering is a booming career field.