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Attention Nurses: Want an Exciting Career?

Tired of the rotating and split shifts? Tired of working 12 hour shifts? How about all the hustle and stress of the ER, is it taking a toll? Are you ready to leave patient care and make an exciting career change? How about making some real money before you retire? If you answered yes to these questions then you might consider becoming a Legal Nurse Consultant.

“A what?” you say. What is a Legal Nurse Consultant and what qualifications do I need? Do I have to go to law school? A Legal Nurse Consultant uses their nursing experience and training to consult in medical-legal cases/claims to evaluate the standard of care, the cause of medical situations, potential damages etc. You might handle medical malpractice suits as well as others. You could work for a law firm, for a government agency, insurance companies, health care firms, or you could work independently.

So what credentials do you need in New York to break into this exciting and lucrative field? Being a nurse is a start but it is not enough to give you the credibility you need in court. For that you should have an advanced degree and some legal training. A MSN or even a Ph.D. is an excellent credential for the field. You will also want to continue working in the nursing field either with patients or teaching potential nurses.

In addition to advanced education, nursing training and legal training, a LNC (Legal Nurse Consultant) must have excellent communication skills to be both credible as an expert and understandable to a lay jury. One must be able to explain things like standard of care and other difficult medical issues. You have to have the mental disposition to stay calm under the lawyer’s barrage of questions.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Certification is not required but advisable.
  • Certification can be attained by passing the American Legal Nurse Consultant Certification
  • In order to take the test you need to be a licensed RN having practiced for five years and 2000+ hours experience working as a LNC.

So even though this is a great career with great responsibilities, great pay and benefits, it still is not for everyone.  Do you like to write reports? Are you comfortable with giving testimony? Are you good at analyzing and inductive reasoning? Can you work by yourself and meet deadlines? The biggest challenge might be that you have to challenge others who are professionals and have advanced degrees. It is not an easy thing to do and you have to be sure enough of yourself and comfortable enough with yourself to not be intimidated by others no matter what.

So if you meet the requirements stated above and it sounds like an exciting field to move into, go for it! Salaries are from $90,000 a year and into six figures. Considering the benefits and retirement funds you could gain from doing this for just a few years, it could make a big difference for your future.