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Criminal Justice Jobs in 2014    

Are you interested in a criminal justice job in New York or maybe you want to advance in your current criminal justice career? It would be very helpful in either situation to want to know the trends in criminal justice and the jobs available. Criminal justice is an ever growing field and the number of jobs continues to grow.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), criminal justice jobs are growing faster than if measured against the average of all other occupations. The types of jobs included in the criminal justice field are corrections officers, police officers, parole officers, investigators, judges, lawyers and paralegals.

In addition to these types of positions, there are others in the criminal justice field that are growing even faster. Behavioral Disorder Counselors and Substance Abuse Counselors are positions that are expected to grow by over 30% by 2020. These professions earn about $38,500 per year. Educational requirements for these jobs can run from high school diploma to a masters degree. If you wish to practice privately, you will need to be certified and licensed.

Legal Assistants and Paralegals can look for a 17% growth rate through 2020 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. These professions require additional training beyond high school with either an associate’s degree or certification. These jobs pay at least $46,990.

The BLS also expects the professions of Gaming Surveillance Officer and Security Guard to see a 12% growth rate through 2020. They earn about $24,000 per year and the job requires only a high school diploma or a GED.

So if there is so much growth in the criminal justice fields, who is hiring all of these folks? The BLS indicates that there are certain places throughout the country that have the highest amount of criminal justice jobs and these include Delaware, Virginia, New York, the District of Columbia, Arizona, Nevada and Hawaii.

So where are the best paying jobs according to the BLS? Lawyers of course. These criminal justice professionals earn about $113,520. Hearing Officers and Judges are lawyers first before they become judges. They actually earn a little less than lawyers at $102,980. Hearing Officers tend to do a lot of research for judges, sometimes acting as an arbitrator in disputes. There are mediators and conciliators in the field as well but they only earn $61,280.

Finally and unfortunately it is the police that come up in the rear of the criminal justice field earning only 56,980 on average. Detectives might earn a little more than the uniformed officer who patrols the streets. Growth in this area is entirely dependent on city and town budgets, so they might not grow at anywhere the same rates as the other criminal justice career opportunities. In fact local budgets determine whether any new officers are added to the force at all.


Jobs in the criminal justice field are expected to grow anywhere from 12% to as much as 30% by the year 2020. However this rate might not apply to categories of criminal justice workers such as police depending upon local municipal budgets.