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Jobs For 2015 Grads


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What is the Job Outlook for Graduates in 2015?

The economy in New York is much improved and so those who are graduating with four year degrees in 2015 would seem to have much reason for optimism. Adding to the economic recovery is the trend for the baby boomers to move toward retirement. Does all this add up to a real increase in jobs for this graduating class?

For  the past 15 years or so, many graduates were not able to find jobs in New York in their chosen fields and you would find people with degrees in accounting or business administration working in retail or fast food. You would find scientists working in sales.

However, for the graduates of 2015 it would seem that the job market is changing. Employers are looking to increase their workforce and replace retiring boomers instead of leaving those positions unfilled. An overall increase in hiring of 8.3% from last year is expected according to NACE (National Association of Colleges and Employers).

So who will be the most sought after graduates this year? Who will be paid the most? What attributes are employers looking for regardless of degree? Both internships and full time positions will be available in numbers not seen by the past 4 – 5 graduating classes.

Degrees and Qualities in Demand

Degree levels are not as important to employers at this time as the field of study. Areas that are expected to be in high demand for this graduating class include both the BBA and MBA (Bachelor of Business Administration and Master of Business Administration), all types of engineering degrees, IT/IC (Information Technology/Information Communications), science and technical degrees.

Attributes include good communication skills, working in functional teams, strong leadership skills, ability to interact effectively with diverse population groups, and interpersonal skills and communication with individuals, teams, and supervisors. Equally important if not more important is the ability to interact with clients, customers and constituencies through the use of social media.

Almost everyone is recruiting online and using social media sites for recruitment. There is also a wide diversification of social media sites and types that employers use more often. Graduates must be familiar with and able to navigate a wide variety of social media sites, some of which would include:

  • Career Builders
  • Indeed
  • Specialized boards
  • Linked-In
  • Sites for professional associations
  • Company websites

It is important to check and to be on the large national jobsites like Career Builders and Indeed. There are many jobs listed here and more companies are using these sites every year. About 70-75% of all employers will use some form of online site to advertise their openings and these are the two biggest.

However many companies will use smaller specialized boards or their own company websites to advertise their openings. Many will also list on professional association sites.

Finally, it is important to have your profile on Linked-In. Almost every employer is going to look for your profile on Linked-In and take that into consideration when deciding who to interview and hire. Take time to make your Linked-In profile as good as it can be.