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Does Your Resume Say “Job Hopper”?

Statistics say these days that every New York worker will switch jobs every 2-4 years. However many hiring managers don’t always remember that when looking at you resume or they ask why you change jobs so often in the interview process. What will you say? Are you prepared to defend your resume in your cover letter and in the interview?

Addressing Multiple Jobs History in the Interview

  1. Honesty is the best policy: Don’t hesitate, avoid or lie when the interviewer asks about your many jobs. Employers need to know they are hiring someone they can trust. Be honest about why you left without throwing anyone at the past employers under the bus.
  2. Don’t burn any bridges on your way to the next job: This is what we mean when we say don’t throw anyone under the bus. It is NEVER a good idea to leave an employer in such a way that they would speak badly about you. People who have changed jobs several times need good references that validate what is said in the interview.
  3. Turn it into a positive: Never speak badly of the company you left and always give positive reasons for leaving. You can find one no matter how bad your experience was. If you leave for upward mobility that is the best possible reason. Stay positive by talking about your accomplishments.
  4. Tell a story: Don’t just answer questions with a few words or a sentence. Tell a story about your career so far. Talk about the work environments, the challenges or lack of, how and why you made the decisions that you did. Remember that your job hopping was good for you but not for that employer. For the employer job hopping is turnover and re-hiring, training expenses. You have to show this interviewer that you will not be out the door in two years.
  5. Move the interview into the present not the past: All interviews start in the past. Move this one into the present. Talk about the diverse skill set you have due to your job changes, the many experiences that can benefit the new employer. Explain how each different job led to a new and unique set of skills. Make sure you prepare in advance to explain this about each job you had. Now show how all these skills will fit into this new opportunity. How have you grown both as a person and as an employee through all of these various experiences and how can that impact a new employer?

Demonstrate to this interviewer that you are focused on their job. What can you do for them? How does it fit into your long term career goals? What is attractive about their job, their work environment, their career path? Anything you might have listed as a negative in #1 or #4 – stress how this opportunity shines in that area.

If you do these things most New York employers will understand why your job hopping was really career advancement.