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Being a Human Resources Manager   

So you dream of being a Human Resources Manager in New York and your educational choices are geared towards this job. There are a lot of responsibilities that a Human Resource Manager has and before you make a final decision about your career, you should know what some of them are.

These responsibilities include benefits administration, recruiting, employee relations, training, health and safety, manager, hiring and firing, wages, performance evaluations, and diversity. Here are some tips regarding what you will have to deal with and some challenges you might face.

Hiring and Firing

Most HR Managers are involved in both hiring of new staff – which is exciting and fun – and firing of staff which is not so much fun. Sometimes you have to terminate employment due to the employee’s actions but sometime you have to lay off employees because of the company’s financial situation. If you can’t deal with firing people or defending your actions in an unemployment compensation hearing, then being a Human Resource Manager is not for you.


The challenge of a diverse workforce has been present for the past 30 years in the United States but new challenges still face the Human Resource professional. The challenges now are how to diversify your workforce in ways beyond race and gender. We live in a time and an economy that needs diversity in the workforce to be successful. You need people who are different from you, from management, from other workers.

You need employees whose lives are different and who think differently from you. Whether it is about culture, faith, gender preference or anything else, the more diverse your workforce the more successful your company will be. Be prepared for this as an HR Manager.

Wage Battles

As a Human Resources Manager you are the in-between person with your company management and your workforce. You work for management and part of your job is to hire and retain the best possible workforce. In order to do this you will have to deal with the issues of minimum wage, equal pay and unions. You will be asked to do wage studies and to offer management your opinion and why. You will be asked to tell your management whether what you are paying employees is equitable in this economy.

Affordable Health Care Act

No matter how you feel about this law you have to deal with it. You will need to understand it and implement it in your company. You need to be able to answer your employees’ questions and concerns about this law and how it impacts them and their families.

Flexible Work Schedules

Employees are asking for flexible work schedules, to be able to work from home and to work when it is better for their family. In today’s work environment we can be working 24/7. We are connected 24/7 with our smart phones, laptops, tablets, FaceTime, email and Skype. There might not be any reason for your employees to come into the office and if they have young children they want to work at home. You will have to review each situation like this and make a decision on each individual case.


There are more challenges facing HR Managers and Directors in New York than just these. But if you are not comfortable with each of these, maybe this is not the career for you.