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The Best Internships of 2015

Having an internship or two in New York during the summers of your college years is a big boost to your career after college. In certain fields these internships are hard to get and extremely competitive. You might expect tough competition for the company you want but still think you’ll get something in the industry. For some industries this is not true because the competition within the industry is so great.

Start early, be aggressive, go after your first choice and if you do not get that go after your next choice. Internships are critical these days in order to get a good feel for the industry you want to work in, develop great contacts, experience great training and impact your resume and choices after college.

Studies show that the best employers in the country offer 40% of all their entry level jobs to those who held an internship in the field. Here are some of the best companies in a variety of fields for high quality internships.

  • Elliot Davis ENVISION offers the best internship in the Accounting field.
  • Bates White Summer Consultant Program is the best internship in the Consulting field.
  • The best internship in energy if the Anadarko Petroleum Summer Internship.
  • Northwestern Mutual offers the best internship for finance
  • Evercore Advisory Summer Analyst Associate Program is great preparation for the area of Investment Banking.
  • AT&T Finance Leadership Program offers an excellent internship in Media and Telecommunication.
  • Kohl’s Information Technological Internship is the best in the consumer and retail fields.

Studies also show that companies are investing in more internships as today’s student are more inclined towards them and companies more inclined to offer them. This is the very best of the types of internships to get involved with. More emphasis is placed on training and development in most companies these days. It is seen as an excellent benefit.

Companies have also realized that offering quality internships and then hiring these same people is an advantage to the company. The companies are even better off when they give their internships to the same students for two or three summers in a row.

When this happens, loyalty is being developed and nurtured on both sides. The intern will start to think of the company as where they work and the company will begin to think of the intern as their employee.

However it benefits the student to remember that internship or no internship, the company is not obligated to hire you after graduation, so don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Internships are an important element in your career preparation but they are not all there is. Choose them and use them wisely and you will surely land a job with a reputable company in New York.