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By – Writing Staff

As you prepare for that interview next week, make sure you have done your homework. You have studied the company and its fortunes in the past five years. You know all about the CEO and the board of directors. You know what their dividends and profits have been and hopefully where the weaknesses are.

Your interview preparation has been complete with the history of the company, the number of employers and who their customers are. You’ve read the annual report and the description of the job you are interviewing for. You even know what the internal structure of this New York company looks like.

On the personal side you know yourself well. Your skills and accomplishments will be well known by your interviewer since you are known in your field. So you have used your time drilling in on your own strengths and weaknesses so you can address them. Finally you are prepared with a good suit and all the interpersonal skills you should need.

So what else is there? What are interviewers looking for that you have not covered? In reality there are really only two things that any really good interviewer is looking for when they interview you and only two things you need to do.

  1. Do you exhibit the behavior patterns that the job demands? Different behavior patterns fit the needs of different jobs. Does this job need a leader who is assertive or even aggressive? Or does it require you to be passive and follow someone else’s orders? If you have studied the job description you should be able to get a handle on this and be prepared to address it.

You can address it by listing the qualities you have and how they fit the job along with how your personality will fit the job best. Anticipate questions designed to see if you have those exact traits. The best way to answer those questions would be to relate stories about how you have demonstrated those patterns and traits in other situations and the positive results that followed.

  1. Do you exhibit the core competencies that both the job and the company need? What are core competencies? Basically they are the main strengths or strategic advantage that comes from a specific set of skills and experiences. Both the job and the company will have core competencies. You need to be concerned mostly with the core competencies of the job. You have already gone through the job description in detail. Now study it with core competencies in mind. Look for words such as; track, contribute, execute or gain approval. Those words indicate that a core competency will be following them. If you are to execute project schedules that is a core competency for the job.

Now make a mental list of what it takes to successfully reach those core competencies and prepare examples of when you have done so and how you have done so. What does it take to execute projects on schedule? It takes organization, time management, leadership, assertiveness…This is the real heart of your interview preparation.