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Top IT States


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Top Ten States for IT Jobs

If you want a really good IT job where should you be looking? Are some states better than others when it comes to snagging one of the better tech jobs? The answer to the second question is yes. In the article we will look at the IT world and where the best and most available tech jobs are located.

The nation’s unemployment rate sits at 6.7% yet the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) rates the tech (IT) market at 3.3%. So there are a lot more available jobs in IT and there are also a lot more people employed in the technical fields. If you are an exceptional IT professional, what states are the best ones for IT jobs?

Top Ten States for IT Jobs

As we look at these states we will be looking at the totality of jobs in the technology world. This will include network and user support, network developers and architects, systems analysts, computer and information researchers, computer programmers, data base administrators, software developers, information security analysts, and network and systems administrators.

Any salary and occupational information will be gleaned from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

  1. True to form the home of Silicon Valley, California is the best state in the country for IT and Tech jobs. There are more IT firms in California than anywhere else in the country at over 34,000. In the valley where the majority of those jobs are the median income for Tech professionals is over $100,000.
  2. Surprisingly the number 2 state is the Longhorn State of Texas with about 24,122 jobs with an income around $77,000 – $79,000.
  3. Coming in a distant third is the state of Florida with a constant addition of IT and Tech jobs. Tampa is particularly a hot bed of IT activity with firms like Tech Data anchored there. Florida’s median for IT and Tech jobs is almost $71,000.
  4. Would you be surprised see Illinois in this spot with almost 20,000 technology firms, most in the Chicago suburbs and fed by University of Chicago, Northwestern and DePaul? With salaries at almost $80,000 Illinois is accessible to most.
  5. Surprisingly, Illinois comes just ahead of New York, which falls here to number 5. There are many upstate tech companies as well as those in the city. $81,000 is the median salary.
  6. Virginia comes in at number six with a median salary of $82,000.
  7. Georgia comes in next at number seven. There are about 13,000 jobs with a median income of $76,000.
  8. New Jersey follows with 12,667 jobs and an income in the area of $80,000.
  9. Pennsylvania lays claim to Google, Motorola and SAP along with over 11,000 more tech jobs. The median income in these jobs is close to $76,000.

10. North Carolina has had a reputation as a home for technology companies for many years, particularly the research sector with the research triangle. There are about 11,000 jobs at about $76,000 annually.

Visas in the US


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The Hi Tech World of H1B Visa

There are certain jobs in New York that we do not have enough workers to fill. When this happens, we allow a certain number of work visas just for those types of jobs. For the most part these are technical jobs and the US is issuing what is known as an H1B Visa.

These are jobs that we would prefer would go to New Yorkers if there were enough trained in these fields. The need to grant H1B Visas and hire immigrants only highlights the need for more New York workers trained in IT (Information Technology) and STEM (Science, technology, engineering and mathematics).           However since there are not enough workers, it is good to know how one might go about getting an H1B Visa for a friend or family member.

Let’s just use one middle of the road state in the US for an example. The state of Indiana has more need for STEM and IT workers than it has trained personnel. There are about 8,000 jobs that would go unfilled every year if not for the immigrants.  Three countries supply the most candidates for the H1B Visa, namely India, China and Canada.

Throughout the entire country only 85,000 H1B Visas are issued and 20, 0000 of them go to candidates for Masters and PhD’s. That leaves only 65,000 whereas Indiana needs 8000. The H1B Visa is also a very popular and timely route to citizenship, plus employers must pay an extra $1000 to $3000 for legal cost and fees. In Indiana with their 8000 open jobs, only 54% out of 26 tech companies have hired workers with an H1B.

Across the country 172,000 company openings compete for those 8500 H1B Visas. For instance, returning to Indiana – one company alone – Cummins Engine is in need of 552 employees. Cummins alone has applied for over 2000 H1B Visas since 2010. Then the visa is only valid for 3 years.

These are good jobs. These are high paying jobs with the average for the Indiana jobs at $71,000 a piece. There are thousands of H1B alumni living in Indiana and the many other tech-heavy states. There are many benefits from having these bright young people in their population.

At the same time Indiana has outstanding engineering, math, science and technology programs at a variety of higher education 4-year and 2-year programs. This would include the following institutions: Purdue, Notre Dame, Rose Hulman, Indiana , Ball State and Ivy Tech. More students need to be encouraged to study this needed and lucrative field.