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Low Pay Jobs


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Ten Lowest Paying Jobs

So if you are not in those fields that earn the top levels of pay in New York, what fields should you avoid while you gain more experience and more credentials in order to improve your job? What are the lowest paying jobs in the United States? Are they all the minimum wage jobs or are there some that pay less than minimum wage? When you are looking at the bottom tier of jobs, benefits are much more tangible and much more a part of your compensation. In the highest tier of jobs, benefits such as insurance, pensions, 401ks and time off are extras.

Most of the lowest paying jobs in New York are in the food service industry. Many are in fast food, but perhaps the lowest paid are the waiters and bartenders who do not have to be paid minimum wage because they are eligible for tips. Lower still is the person who washes your hair when you go to the salon.

  1. Hair Shampooer- earns about $18,600 per year and is at the very bottom of the totem pole. Now consider that the poverty line for a single parent is only $15,800.

In fact anyone earning the minimum wage for a 40 hour week earns only about $15,800 per year. This includes many fast food workers (but not all) and retail workers such as many big box employees.

  1. Food preparation and food servers average about $18,720 a year.


  1. Those that work in fast food for more than minimum wage usually average slightly more at $18,780.


  1. For most fine dining or diners like Denny’s and Steak and Shake, the dishwashers are usually entry level positions. They pay about $18, 930.


  1. Those who work as attendants in coffee shops, cafeterias and specialty food concessions or food trucks, earn around $19,430 annually.


  1. If you are the hostess or the host in a cafeteria, restaurant or dinner, including coffee and breakfast shops, your annual earnings are approximately $19, 570.


  1. Fine dining room and cafeteria attendants are earning on average $19,690.


  1. On the other hand if you are a farm worker or a day laborer you could earn $19,990 annually.


  1. Attendants at amusement parks and attendants at recreational sites earn a little more at $20, 020.


10. Finally the best of the worst are at the movie theaters. While the consumer spends $50-80 when they take in a movie for the tickets and concessions, the ushers, the ticket takers and the lobby attendants all earn about $20,320.


It just seems very ironic that the individuals who serve the consumers food, prepare that food and cleanup after them make the least amount of money and continue to remain on the lower end of the totem pole.