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Best Retail Management Jobs

With an expected growth rate of about 8% in 2014, many of you will be looking for or considering a management job in retail. Where and what are the best retail management jobs in New York? What factors are involved with a company being the best place for a retail management job?

Factors that Make for a Best Retail Management Job

Location: Where is the job located? Is it a good place to live? Quality of life and cost of living outside the job are important factors for most managers when considering a retail job offer.

Culture and Values: Do the personal interests, values and goals of the manager match the culture and values of the company? If they do not, the manager is not likely to be very happy in the job regardless of compensation and benefits.

Benefits:  This is one of the most important aspects for almost all retail managers. This includes health, life and disability insurance; 401 K’s, paid time off and perks.

Hours: There are never good hours in retail; however the premise of landing somewhat good hours is always an important factor for potential managers.

Compensation: Money is important but it is hardly ever the most important factor when considering a new position.

Who Are the Best Retail Companies to Work For in Management?

In actuality, the best retail management jobs are those that match the candidate’s talents, interests, skills, personal goals, location, benefits, hours and compensation. In order to know which job is best for you, you have to know what matters to you in each of these areas and then compare your personal value and need with what a particular retail corporation offers to their managers.

Neiman Marcus: Do you want to work for a luxury retailer? Companies like Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom come to mind. Neiman Marcus offers extras like in store gift wrap service and top notch customer service program. For those who want to work for a luxury retailer it does not get any better than this. Neiman Marcus serves the top 2% income bracket internationally. They offer high end products in antiques, apparel, rare books, shoes, home decorations, jewelry, furnishings and cosmetics. Their customers tend to be active in travel and have advanced degrees

If top of the line luxury is not your cup of tea in retail management, why not give Target a try? Target offers good compensation and benefits, a commitment to customer service and a commitment to the well-being and careers of their employees. However, whether is it Neiman Marcus, Target or Walmart, retail management requires weekend and holidays as well.

If you want upper middle class retail, your choice would be Target. Choosing Walmart would be choosing to serve the blue collar working class.

Target employees are better skilled in leadership and project management while Walmart employees are better at sales.

As expected, Target offers higher wages than Walmart. Here are a few samples of this.

Department Manager Target $48,457                 Walmart $29,211

Assistant Manager    Target $48,003                  Walmart $42, 134

Store Manager           Target $65, 960                 Walmart $60, 326