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After the Interview


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By – Staff Writer 

In this article we will look at the question that haunts every job seeker. “What do I do after the interview?”

There are things you can do and there are things you must do. The worst thing you could do is nothing. This is a time for movement not just waiting for an answer from the company you interviewed with.

Follow up After all interviews

You want to follow up with the hiring manager after every interview. If you have a phone interview and it is your only interview follow up. If the phone interview is a screening interview for the face to face one, you still want to follow up. Then follow up again after the face to face interview and again after the second interview.

You could have 3 follow ups if you had a phone interview, face to face interview and second interview. Each time you follow up you remind the hiring manager of why he interviewed you and you are reinforcing your desire for the job.

  1. Assess the interview: Take time immediately after the interview if possible but at least within 24 hours to assess the interview. Make notes about what you thought went well, what could have gone better and what did you forget? Note the important points from the interview that you want to reiterate with the interviewer(s).
  2. Thank the interviewer(s): Get business cards or contact information before leaving the interview. If this is not possible use Linked-in to get the information and send a letter or an email.
  3. Do it now within 24 hours of the interview.
  4. Remind the interviewer(s) of your qualifications and match with the job.

Make an assertion that you believe the position is a great fit and that you would be excited to join the company.

Remind them of what went well in the interview and address any concerns that you did not fully address in the interview.

Compose a different email for all the others you met and thanking them for their time and any helpful information which they shared.

Send a separate thank you to any helpful support staff. This is really important as they have more influence than we think.


Oops. I forgot.-what did you forget to say in interview? Say it here.

  1. Follow up with a phone call about 3-5 days after the letter if you have not heard from the company yet.
  2. Send References immediately after the interview. Make sure you have alerted your references that they might be contacted.
  3. Keep learning about company. You might have a second interview or you can use the information during offer negotiations.
  4. Keep Networking – network for this job as people in your circle might have influence with the hiring manager. At the same time continue networking for other jobs in New York.
  5. Keep looking for other jobs and career opportunities. This is not the time to give up.


The time following an interview is not the time for resting on your laurels. There is much to do if you want to get the job you interviewed for. Follow these steps after every type of interview.