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So You Want to Succeed in Sales? Try These Tips

You have been thinking about getting into sales for a long time and really want to succeed in New York if you make the leap. How can you even get sales managers to interview you with your administrative or non-profit work resume? Having made this move in my own career there are tools for you to use to get that interview and succeed in the job.

Getting the Sales Interview


When you send in your resume and cover letter – and yes you better have a cover letter – you need to show the sales manager that you know about sales. When sending your resume packet, remember to CLOSE THE SALE. What does this mean? You close the sale in your cover letter by “asking for the interview and setting the follow-up”. A good close might sound like this: “I look forward to the opportunity to share with you in person how I will contribute to your bottom line. I will call you next week to set up an interview appointment.” Now ask for the job in the same way.’ I look forward to sharing with you why I will make immediate impacts on you sales numbers once hired”

Don’t be afraid of this or think of it as ‘too much’. It is what we call an assumptive close. You are assuming the sale and you have not left room for the manager to say no. You will impress any sales manager with this type of close.

Transferring Skills

Now you have to sell the hiring manager on your ability to transfer your current skills to a sales role. You want to do this both within the resume and in the cover letter.  This is one of the most frightening aspects of this process. Most of us look at our skill set and we know it transfers but we don’t know how to say it. Remember you do not have to have it all laid out in the resume or cover letter. You can say your skills are easily transferred to sales and will describe this in detail in person at an interview. Now you have the hiring manager interested.

What skills transfer? These skills can be acquired through a job or a volunteer activity. Have you done any fund raising? Do you ever give presentations or teach anyone? Do you teach children at church? Have you ever asked local businesses to participate in an activity or make a donation? Do you have good communication and interpersonal skills and can you demonstrate them? Do you coach? Did you play sports or were you a part of a governing body of any kind? These are all skills that translate into sales skills, or they can be.

Who Will Hire You

Do your homework and only apply to companies that have strong, historical training programs. Try to learn everything you can about sales with or without a training program. What product or service do they sell? Is it something you believe in? It needs to be if you are going to succeed.

Interview Prep

Go to free presentations, network with sales people; ask friends in sales if you can shadow them for a day or two. Be prepared to deal with rejection. In sales you might close 1 in 10 sales calls. Can you accept that? If you can’t then you don’t belong in sales. Learn how to overcome objections before you go to the interview. Again do your homework. If you really want this you will enjoy the research. Do all of these things before you interview for the job you really want.