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Where are the STEM Jobs?        

Where are all the science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) jobs located these days? If you are degreed and/or specialized in any of these fields, where are the best places to look for the best career opportunities? Often these jobs are located around the universities that train for them. Others are located in hot spots for biomedical and technologies of the future here today.

Many high tech industries are today relocating where they can find the right kind and the right number of trained STEM professionals. If they are currently located in an area where there are not enough science, technology, engineering and math professionals in the local worker pool, and no close university to train them, these communities risk losing their technology industries.

These STEM jobs include positions like petroleum engineers, software developers, auditors, medical health service managers, accountants, electrical engineers, pharmacists, radiologists, and physical therapists. In general the top of the line in these professions averages around $185,000 annually. Overall the average salary in the US for a STEM job is $77,880.

Then there are all the new technology, innovative career opportunities being created for STEM professionals. These include some very interesting opportunities such as:

  • Environmental Modeler for EA Sports – what is this job? It is the person who makes sure that EA Sports games are as realistic as possible by traveling to golf courses, NBA arenas, NFL stadiums or MLB stadiums. They scan the real thing and then use 3D modeling software to create the layouts and environments in the EA games. This is a fascinating job with worldwide travel, innovative technologies and ever increasing challenges.
  • ESPN Production Analyst and Statistician is a great job for the STEM who loves sports and numbers. These professionals research data and analyze it for a particular sport, developing new and innovative ways to rate plays and players in order to predict the most optimal play in any given situation. Managers and coaches then use this information in real life sports situations to gain an advantage. They might also advise management regarding trades, free agency and the draft.
  • Professional Hacker: All kinds of businesses from banks to retailers to government agencies and even hospitals now hire professional hackers whose job it is to break into their systems, get past their security and then report back to the client about how to fix the breeches.

So where are these jobs located? There are eleven major locations where most of the STEM jobs are located. These are all major urban areas that continue to grow by over 5% before 2020.

Locations of Most STEM Jobs

•           Atlanta

•           Baltimore

•           Boston

•           Dallas

•           Houston

•           Minneapolis

•           San Diego

•           San Francisco

•           San Jose, Calif.

•           Seattle

•           Washington, D.C.

In these and other locations, there are specific career opportunities that are projected to grow substantially over the next six years or so.

  • 28% – Software Development  Applications
  • 31% – Database Administration
  • 32% – Software Development Systems
  • 36% – Medical Scientist (not epidemiologist)
  • 62% – Biomedical Engineer


In this fast growing world of scientists, technology, engineers and mathematicians, there are an abundance of jobs and not enough candidates to fill them. For this reason most companies that employ STEM professionals are located near the centers of higher learning that educate them, or urban areas that already have a supply of these workers.