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Where Should I Look For a Tech Job?

Are you in New York and looking for a tech job? Where should you look? What are the best places for a tech job? What factors make a place great for tech companies to be established and flourish? To begin with, you would want to look at the cost of living in the area, salary and what employment opportunities there are.

Criteria for Great Places for Tech Jobs

What makes an area a great place for tech jobs? Here are some basic criteria:

  • How many tech employers and total tech jobs are there in the area?
  • Annual wages for area tech jobs
  • The gross cost of rent/mortgage in the area and other aspects of the cost of living.

Best Places to Look for a Tech Job Based on these Criteria

  1. Silicon Valley still leads the way no matter what factors or survey data is based on. San Jose, Santa Clara and Sunnyvale make up the valley and some of the most prominent tech companies are here along with Stanford University which graduates an abundance of tech grads. Of all the jobs in the valley over 10% are tech jobs. The average salary for a tech job in the valley pays about $130,000 and the rent is $1,600 per month.
  2. Huntsville Alabama otherwise known as the ‘Research Triangle’ is also described as “the heart of the Southern tech scene” by researcher NerdWallet. Huntsville has also been called Rocket City. While 10% of jobs in Silicon Valley are tech, almost 7% in Huntsville are. The average tech job pays around $92,000 and rent/mortgages run about $725 per month.
  3. Seattle-Bellevue-Everett is the home of Microsoft, Boeing and Amazon, with Zillow, Expedia, Twitter, Google and Facebook there as well. Almost 8% of all jobs are tech related and salaries are higher than Huntsville at about $108,000. Rents/mortgages are around $1100 per month.
  4. Dunhill-Chapel Hill hosts companies like IBM and Cisco, with about 7% tech jobs. The average salary is 94,500 and rent/mortgage is about $870 per month.
  5. Boulder Colorado is home to Blackflip Studios and Rally Software among other small high tech startups. 7% of all jobs are tech jobs and the medium income for those jobs is almost $98,000. Rents and mortgages averages about $1200 month.
  6. San Francisco-San Mateo-Redwood City is the home of Dropbox, Salehoo, Pinterest, Linked-In and Twitter. The percentage of tech jobs in the area is 7% with an average tech salary of $113,000 and area rent is about $1400 per month.
  7. DC-Alexandria-West Virginia-Maryland hosts Soundtracker, Trackmaven, and Encore Alert. 8% of the jobs in the area are tech jobs paying around $104,000 with local rents that run around $1500 per month.
  8. Raleigh NC is home to Google’s high speed fiber optic internet service. The average tech salary is $87,000 and the rent/mortgage is $700.
  9. Austin-Round Rock-San Marcos hosts Dell, IBM, and HostMeNot. There is an average tech salary of $84,000 with 6% of the jobs being in technology. The rent/mortgage is about $1000 per month.

So if you are looking for a tech job, start with these cities.