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Wasting Time on the Way to a Great Career

Everyone knows that there is a lot of time wasting going on in any and every workplace in New York. In fact there was a study done in 2014 by that found 89% of all people in New York are wasting some amount of time every day at work. Surprisingly, the 26-39 year olds and the most successful in their careers were the biggest offenders.

Other information that came out of this study was that these 26-39 year olds were at the top of their game. They were moving up in their career and they were the go-getters in the firm.  They were also the ones who took a lot of breaks. They didn’t work more hours than their coworkers who were not having the same level of success.

They actually admitted to taking a 17 minute break every hour they worked. So in a 9 hour day with an hour lunch break, these folks are on break for 213 minutes out of a possible 540 minutes. These up and comers, these successful workers waste almost half the time they are at work.

This sounds shocking and is, in fact, shocking. However these are the successful people. These are the stars of today and the future. How can this be? It has a lot to do with what they are doing with those 213 minutes every day.

How to Waste Your Time Productively

Here are some of the ways these superstars are wasting their time productively – reading blogs, talking to colleagues, taking walks or reading a novel. What we find is that spending time doing these things helps the worker to think more innovatively, to find new ideas, to discover new perspectives. Not only are you getting a break from whatever you have been working on, you get a whole new perspective on things.

  • Surf websites that are not related to your profession gives your brain a break while at the same time giving you a way to spur your own creativity.
  • Spending time with your co-workers – an MIT study showed that in a call center the representatives, when they were allowed to have breaks and/or talk with co-workers between calls, handled more customer calls than those workers who were not allowed that conversation.
  • Reading novels – it has been found that those who read fiction can interact with others better than those who don’t.
  • Meditation – more and more studies are being done on the effects of meditation. These studies are showing that the human brain benefits from the lower stress levels brought about by meditation. Following meditation, there is more innovation and creativity.
  • Daydream- Science is showing almost the same effect for daydreaming as for meditation. Different parts of the brain are in use when you daydream than when you are actively working on a problem. This leads to innovation and creativity.
  • Power Naps – yes these are real and yes they really make a difference. Just 15-20 minutes of actual sleep will refresh your brain cells that produce focus and productivity.


The moral of this story is – WASTE TIME. Just do it in the right ways.