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Hire a Hero


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Hire a Hero

It’s time for all hiring managers in New York to understand how the experience of military personnel translates into skills in the secular, non-military world. Most executive recruiter had little use for those who were just getting out of the military because they knew their clients would not even look at their resumes. Why? We don’t know that. Clients typically could not or would not see how the skills learned in the military translated to civilian jobs.

Things seem to be changing in the post Iraq-Afghanistan era,  but not quickly enough. Today, more companies are hiring returning soldiers, but too many still cannot find jobs. As a returning veteran what will it take for you to get the job you want and need? What industries have a record of hiring vets?

Some of the greatest skills the returning soldier has to offer the job market are leadership and a solid work ethic. You can count on the veteran to be on the job every day. Hiring a veteran is in the best interest of the company. They just have to be convinced of this fact. Some of the traits veterans bring to the job market beyond work ethic and leadership include the following:

  • Veterans are great team players whether as team members or team leaders.
  • Veterans have great integrity and can be trusted.
  • Veterans are adaptable and will go with the flow. They will not panic.
  • Veterans are terrific decision makers and thoughtful workers.
  • Veterans are quick on their feet, make decisions and act on them.
  • Veterans have a good understanding of logistics.

So what companies are targeting veterans for these qualities that they already possess? There are industries that need these very skills. Some of the industries that veterans should target include:

  • The trucking industry hires veterans for their leadership and work ethic. The long hours and the time alone built into the life of a truck driver, are also things that a soldier has to deal with and overcome. Studies show that one in every five truck drivers has a military background.
  • Heath care with all its changes and all its growth is another field that is learning that the veteran can fit into some of their jobs and excel at it. Field medics and service people who worked in any medical field have knowledge and experience that the health care industry can use.
  • Government jobs are perfectly suited for the returning veteran. In every major job market there are government agencies.

These are only a sample of the industries in New York that have learned the value of the returning soldier to their company. The veteran needs to produce a resume that stresses the skills that these companies are looking for. For the most part, this will be a functional resume and not a chronological one.

You will want to put the military experience up front in the special skills set area. Note not just that you have leadership ability and experience – give examples of it. Give examples of your work ethic and your quick reactions. Do these things well and there will be plenty of jobs in New York for the returning military hero.